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Article 23 Legislative Zone’s responsibility for the performance of the legislation Chen Maobo is inspiring, and it is expected to have confidence and investment environment.

The “Maintenance of National Security Regulations” takes effect today (23).Chen Maobo, the director of the Financial Secretary, pointed out in the morning of the radio program that he was inspiring to witness the implementation of constitutional responsibilities to complete the “Maintenance of the National Security Regulations”.It is also mentioned that the anti -repair incident in 2019, I believe that the financial and industrial and commercial communities will have a deep understanding. It is very important to reiterate the stable and secure investment environment. It is believed that legislation will benefit and stabilize confidence and the investment environment. In the future, the government will continue to take the initiativeTo tell the story of Hong Kong, let more people who have never arrived in Hong Kong can come to Hong Kong to feel it.

Chen Maobo

▲ Chen Maobo refers to the inspection of the SAR government to perform constitutional responsibilities and was inspiring.Data picture

Regarding the 23 legislation of the Foreign Business Circle Paying on Article 23 of the Basic Law, Chen Maobo believes that it is very normal, but he should not describe the attention of foreign businessmen with “doubt”, emphasizing that business is hoping to have an excellent business environment, to show a great picture.As for the Australian government, because of 23 legislation, it updated the tourist tips for Hong Kong. He believed that it would be one thing to put a posture at the political level. In fact, companies are still willing to invest in Hong Kong. The actual business situation is better than expected.

In addition, a group of key companies settled in Hong Kong. Chen believes that this reflects that these companies support Hong Kong with their actions, bringing up and downstream industrial groups. The authorities will continue to contact other companies and strive for more companies to come to Hong Kong.There will be about 50 key enterprises from enterprises to Hong Kong, with a total investment of more than 40 billion yuan. It is expected that 13,000 employment opportunities can be created.

He also said that the authorities would assist these companies to settle in the Luima Chau River and the Metropolitan District in the north to use the advantages of the large Bay Area to give the Hong Kong and Macao Pharmaceuticals.

The “Maintenance of National Security Regulations” takes effect today (23).Chen Maobo, the director of the Financial Secretary, point

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