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Taiyuan Food Practitioner Electronic Health Certificate Application Process and Certificate Photos Selfie Method

From April 2, 2023, in order to further standardize the management of electronic health certification of food practitioners, all medical inspection staff need to upload standard one -inch electronic version certificate photos to make an appointment. Because the application platform’s size requirements for documents are not explainedToo clear, many friends have recently consulted to sign up for electronic photo assistants. The following combined with the complete health certificate application process to introduce the application methods in detail, and how to make a photo of an electronic health certificate that meets the requirements on mobile phone selfies.

On the webpage, search for the Taiyuan Market Supervision and Administration and enter the official website.Food Practitioner Health Certificate Management Login EntranceItems

First register for enterprise information. Enterprises need to fill in real and effective information when registering, and must be filled in.Those who have registered and physical examination do not need to register repeatedly; if you need to modify the company’s login, find my information to modify.

Fill in personal information and work unit information, and the enterprise needs approval.

Upload the standard one inch of documents according to the electronic version, the photo meets the requirements and the upload is successful, and the medical examination appointment can be performed.

Many friends report that they have failed to submit photos. This is caused by the size of the photo. The following methods will teach you how to make this photo on your mobile phone to make this photo.

The photo requirements are positive, face -to -face attitude, face in the face, horizontal eyes, neutralization, shoulders, high clothing, outstanding clothing, no blur, no noise, and in line with the following requirements.

Size: 2.6×3.2cm
File size: not greater than 300KB
Photo format: jpg
Background color: red, white, blue

According to the test of the electronic photo assistant, the pixel size of this one -inch photo is 358 × 441, and the resolution is 350DPI. Other sizes will indicate that it does not meet the requirements.

First of all, we use a mobile phone camera to take a photo, which requires clear and bright. It is recommended to shoot during the day.

Second, turn on the mobile phone WeChat client program and find the health card electronic photo processing tool [Sign up for electronic photo assistant]

After entering, find the self -service processing function of the certificate. You can find and select the photo specifications on the top: Taiyuan Health Certificate.If you don’t want to search, you can set it directly according to the size in the figure below.

Enter the next step, upload the taken photos, the tool will automatically cut the photo and replace it with a blue or white background.

From April 2, 2023, in order to further standardize the management of electronic health certification of f

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