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Up to 3 million!Guangzhou Development’s first store economy has increased the retail market in these formats

  On January 9, 2024, Guangzhou Cultivation and Construction of the Office of the Leading Group of the International Consumer Center City Working Group issued the “Several Measures for the Development of the First Store in Guangzhou” and proposed to accelerate the cultivation of the first store.The domestic and foreign brands that open the first store will give the best support for up to 3 million yuan.

  Winning merchantInsufficient statistics, in the first quarter of this year, there were 100 new high -end brands in Guangzhou, ranking first in the country, among which the first store brand.Nandu reporters have also compiled the first -quarter retail market report released by many institutions. In leased transactions, fashion clothing brands account for the highest proportion, and coffee tea drinks are also one of the main transactions.


Stabilize and removes the vacancy rate of high -quality shopping malls in Guangzhou

  In the first quarter, no new mall in Guangzhou opened.According to Davis statistics, the total market stocks are still maintained at 7.531 million square meters.It is worth noting that the stock project has been adjusting the investment strategy and continuing to optimize the combination of brand and business formats. The performance of multiple projects has continued to improve, thereby promoting the average vacancy rate of the city by 0.2 percentage points from the previous month, a year -on -year decrease of 2.9 percentage points.

  Data show that this is already the fourth consecutive quarter of Guangzhou to record the vacancy rate, of which the vacancy rate of Tianhe Road is as low as 1.2%.From the perspective of the region, data from Dade Liangxing showed that Nansha’s decline was particularly obvious. Thanks to the stability and deformation of the next new project, Nansha’s high -quality commercial vacancy rate decreased by 6.5 percentage points month -on -month.

  In terms of rent, the agency stated that the flexible pricing strategy and allowance measures have reduced the average rent of the city’s first layers of high -quality business in the first quarter by 1.0%to 703.4 yuan per square meter per month.According to Davis statistics, as a whole, although the owners are actively attracting investment, they are cautious, and the rent level of the stock project is basically similar to the end of last year.Therefore, the city’s rent index is flat month -on -month.

  So, what new stores did Guangzhou open?Data show that in the first quarter, retail brands ranked first in the proportion of transactions and ranked second in catering.In terms of specific categories, fashion clothing brands account for the highest proportion of transactions, reaching 23.1%, including domestic designer brands and tide brands in core properties.Specialty catering is also active. This season, it recorded 14.4%of the transaction proportion. Among them, coffee and tea beverage desserts are still one of the main transactions, accounting for 12.5%.


The first store of the region is actively deployed, and the non -standard business becomes a highlight

  Promoted by the encouragement of policy encouragement and the upgrading and adjustment of high -quality projects in the core business district, the Guangzhou market attracted many brands in the first quarter to enter the Guangzhou or Tounda store.

  On April 21, a reporter from Nandu came to Guangzhou Taikoohui Harsuy Harcho Camera Experience Store.This is the first official concept store opened by the Swedish brand Hasselblad camera in South China.The location of the store is good. It is near the escalator entrance of the mall. The overall decoration style is consistent with the style of the Taikoo Hui Mall, which is simple and atmospheric.A variety of cameras and lenses are set up in the store, and the camera experience operation desk is also equipped for customers for trial.


  According to the clerk, the store mainly attracted young customers aged 18 to 40, and some middle -aged and elderly photography enthusiasts came to buy. “As an experience store, customers come here mainly to try it.Generally speaking, sales are considerable.

  Not only the Hasu camera, in the first quarter, the Guangzhou Sports Center and the Pearl River New City Commercial District were actively introducing various brands of the first store. For example, EVE LOM also opened the first South China store in Tianhuan Plaza.In addition, the international brand Givenchy and Valentino are also in the K11 enclosure of the Pearl River New City.

  In addition to traditional high -end business and core business districts, non -standardized commercial projects have gradually received much attention in recent years.Some influential niche chain brands, emerging format brands, and local original brands will start from the perspective of the combination of brand tone and regional culture when considering the location of the store.For example, in the old town update and transformation, the Dongshankou business district, which has been accelerated into the “Guangzhou Chao Ren Gathering Place”. After Kangol opened the global flagship store in 2022, another international brand AESOP Isso chose to GuangzhouThe first store settled here.


  During the visit, a reporter from Nandu observed that the store chose a corner of the Dongshan Potal High Courtyard Road. The overall style of the courtyard -style store was unique and elegant. The courtyard also arranged green flowers and tables and chairs leisure areas.Entering the interior, its perfume, aromatherapy, skin care products and other products are neatly displayed in the main hall, with the price between 150 and 1700 yuan.According to the staff in the store, the decoration of the Isso Guangzhou store and the unique architectural style of Dongshankou District are integrated. Many customers are tourists who come to Dongshankou “CityWalk”, and most of them are young women.”As the first store in Guangzhou, we look at the sense of experience of customers.”

  The reporter also found in the market visits that not only the new brand laid out Guangzhou, but some traditional formats experienced their own transformation, but they also re -ignited the “war”.As the first store in 2024, China Resources Wanjia settled the store in Liwan Health Port, Guangzhou.Including Guangzhou, in the first quarter of this year, China Resources Wanjia opened more than 10 stores across the country.According to the company, the newly opened stores use a better shopping experience and better quality selection, which has increased the added value of the unit’s unit’s unit.

  Among the newly opened stores in China Resources Wanjia, a format is often ignored by everyone, that is, community stores.According to the concept of “first 500 meters”, solving the most specific problems, the maximum possibility of the minimum business will be found.According to the company’s aspects, in all parts of the country, the community stores of China Resources Wanjia are expanding in the streets: these community stores know more about local residents’ living habits and community culture.It can still attract consumers to shop in the store.


  Davis predicts that in the future, with the continuous development of the brand upgrade activities of the Guangzhou benchmark project, more well -known brands are expected to land, and the economic expected to be further developed by the first store.Thanks to this, the entry rate and rent level of the core business district of Guangzhou are expected to remain stable.For secondary core business district projects, actively adjusting operations and investment promotion strategies in response to the changes in consumer preferences to avoid homogeneous competition risks is the key to boosting the performance of project assets.

Expert statement

The acceleration of high -quality projects will attract more high -quality brands to open the first store

  ”Several measures to encourage the development of the first economy of the first store” from the platform, policy support, policy support, refinement of policies, and improve supporting services, fully optimize the first store’s first business environment, and help Guangzhou form the first store’s first -time promotion mechanism.EssenceThe promotion of policies and the current market environment that occupies more negotiation advantages has allowed foreign brands to actively seize opportunities to enter the Guangzhou market.

On January 9, 2024, Guangzhou Cultivation and Construction of the Office of the Leading Group of the Internation

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