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Wuxi Xin’an: Health and Health Couple

In order to continue to optimize the living environment of the community in the park and improve the health awareness of community residents and enterprise employees, recently, the new lake community preparation team of Xin’an Street, Xin’an Street, Xinwu District, Wuxi City actively carried out the 36th country with the theme of “healthy urban health weight”.Patriotic Health Monthly series.

Comprehensive publicity and improving patriotic health awareness rate.The community rolls the Aiwei standard and promotional videos, posted posters, and distribute publicity pages through electronic display screens to carry out the effectiveness of innovation work and consolidate the effectiveness of innovation, and organize grid members and volunteers to go deep into residential communities and surround healthy life.Methods, sanitary urban construction and other aspects to widely publicize and popularize health knowledge to the masses, establish the concept of “everyone is the first responsible person in their own health”, and guide the masses to establish a good behavior specification of civilization and hygiene.The participation of residents participated in the atmosphere of the construction of health and hygiene in the jurisdiction, and the accompanying peers in civilization and sanitation, and truly enabled the concept of Aiwei to implement all aspects and corners of the society.

Fully rectify and improve environmental optimization coverage.Since the launch of the National Patriotic Specialist Movement, the community has used the “small network” to “big network” to “big networks” to form a work pattern of “all mobilization, the participation of the whole people, and the promotion of the whole region”.Organize the optimization of patriotic health month activities with the environment of the living environment, and carry out comprehensive environmental sanitation remediation operations. Party members and cadres lead volunteers to focus on domestic waste and dead corners of the main roads in the community, back streets, alleys, and other areas.Thoroughly eliminate “dirty mess” and create a “clean and beautiful” living environment.At the same time, drug releases were carried out for mosquito and flies such as concentrated launch stations, sewer, and green belts, etc., and curb the reproduction of diseases of diseases from the source.

Guardians with full heart and improve the participation rate of health consultation.Taking the opportunity of Patriotic Health Month, the community invited medical staff of Xin’an Street Community Health Service Center to go to Beiyou Guohao Federation Ecological Park to carry out caring free consultation services.At the free clinic site, medical staff provided services for employees in the park for free to measure blood sugar and blood pressure, traditional Chinese medicine consultation, shoulder and neck massage and other services. Combining the health problems of the masses and medical demands, answered one -on -one from a professional perspective, and gave a reasonable diagnosis and treatment.suggestion.At the same time, medical staff also helped residents understand how to maintain appropriate weight, prevent obesity, and related chronic diseases through scientific lifestyles, and advocate the masses to actively participate in patriotic health actions to jointly create a healthy and harmonious living environment.

In order to continue to optimize the living environment of the community in the park and improve the health awareness of commun

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