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Top ingredients 丨 Representative food in various countries, each one is very attractive. How many types have you eaten?# #子

What we talk about today is: How many types have you eaten?Due to geographical location, climate and environment and other factors, the dietary habits of each country are different. Today, let’s take a look at the representative food of countries around the world and see how many types have you eaten?

Brazilian barbecue is a national banquet in Brazil, which is loved by South American countries.After more than 500 years of evolution and the inheritance evolution of famous Brazilian chefs in the past, it has been passed on to modern times, and Brazilian barbecue is more improving.Now it has become a brand, a traditional culture that is constantly spreading to all over the world.

It is rumored that it originated at the end of the 18th century. The denim in Brazil squeezed the meat on the sword and grilled it on the fire. The inheritance has become Brazil’s barbecue so far.The Brazilian barbecue is about the original flavor, highlighting the fragrance of the meat itself, and will not let the seasoning.

The Europeans referred to foie gras, caviar, and truffles as “the world’s three major treasures”. More than 2000 years ago, the Romans had begun to eat foie gras and tribute to Caesar to Caesar. Caesar liked to eat very much.A good production cost is very high, so the price of a French foie gras is also very expensive, belonging to French high -end food.

Until the 16th period of Louis, France, foie gras was tribute to the court to dedicate Louis XV. After tasting, he was loved by the king. Since then, he was well -known and was praised by many well -known writers, musicians and artists at that time.Its noble and precious status.

Fried fish and fries are derived from Britain. It is a fish that removes the fishbone and bones, cut into slices and wraps with a wet dough, and then fried. At the same time, there are fries.It is a very common street snack. It is also very popular in New Zealand and Australia. In the United States, this kind of fried fish and potatoes has gradually become universal.For decades, fried fish and potato strips have been popular for Britain.

In the investigation voting of “What do you think is best for Britain?” In 2012, the fried fish and potatoes defeated the Beatles, afternoon tea, Shakespeare, Buckingham Palace, and the British Queen, becoming the highest symbol of the British.The British consume more than 250 million copies of fried fish and potatoes each year.Since 1988, the National Fish & Chip Awards are selected every year.

Indian folk legendary curry was created by Buddha Sakyamuni. Boil with a variety of spices can cover the lamb’s flavor and taste.And the spicy curry can appetite, promote blood circulation, and is suitable for India’s humid and sultry environment.

India is the originator of curry. The authentic Indian curry is blended from spices such as cloves, cumin, beef, mustard, ginger powder, and pepper.Because the ingredients are heavy and the coconut milk is not reduced to reduce the spicy taste, the authentic Indian curry is strong and strong.

Sushi is a traditional Japanese cuisine. In ancient Japan, sushi was marinated with salt and rice, and then evolved to form the present sushi.

The reason why Japanese sushi is gradually becoming popular in the world with simplicity and nature as deliciousness, which is loved by more and more people.Among them, sushi, especially the extreme expression of this simplicity philosophy of food.


Pizza is a kind of food that originated in Italian. Add tomato sauce, cheese and various other ingredients to the round cake.

On December 7, 2017, at the conference held by the World Heritage Committee of the Textile Organization, Neapolitan Pizza-Making, which was prestigious in southern Italy, was selected by the United Nations World Heritage Committee as the “intangible cultural heritage”.

German sausage

According to reports, the Germans consume 65 kg per person each year, ranking first in the world.There are more than 1,500 kinds of sausages in Germany. In different areas of Germany, different sausages have different sausages, and their tastes are different.

In Germany, each place has its proud sausage varieties. Among them, the sausages of Getingen and Reaggusburg have enjoyed their reputation since the Middle Ages.Nothing can be comparable to Turinen’s red intestine. This kind of sausage that can be roasted and has a good smelling ink orchid spice.

Thailand-Dongyin Gong Soup

Tom Yum soup (Tom Yum or Tom Yam) is a distinctive hot and sour flavor soup in Thailand.It is also called Dongyan Tang, which is very common in Thailand.The main ingredients are lemon leaves, lemongrass, shrimp, etc.

Thai large and medium -sized restaurants and ordinary people often drink this soup, thus becoming the representative of Thai food.At the same time, it is also very popular in other Southeast Asian countries, such as Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia.

Russia-Russian soup

Oract soup is a kind of thick vegetable soup that originated in Russia. Generally, tomato sauce is used as the main seasoning, and then with various vegetables, beef, and staple food bread.Not only is nutritious and mellow.

Outsuita Tang is a special dish from Russia. It is also very popular in Western food. It is sweet and sour, seductive, and can also enhance human appetite.Coupled with the nutritional nutrition of the soup, it is a must!


Korean kimchi “is a fermented food with vegetables, various fruits, seafood and meat, and fish dew as ingredients. The main beneficial factor ingredients are lactic acid bacteria, and they are rich in inorganic vitamins, calcium, phosphorus and other inorganic inorganicMore than ten kinds of amino acids required by the human body and the human body.

South Korean kimchi represents Korean cooking culture. Because the geographical location of South Korea is cold, long, and not long and not fruit and vegetables, Koreans use salt to pickle vegetables to prepare for winter.In the 16th century, peppers were widely used for pickled kimchi.

China-Beijing Roast Duck

According to legend, the Beijing roast ducks are selected from Beijing ducks that come from precious varieties. It is the highest quality meat duck in the world today.According to the legend, the history of Beijing duck breeding with purely precious varieties starts around thousands of years ago. It was due to the hunting of emperors in Liao, Jin Yuan, and occasionally a pure white wild duck.Only to get this excellent purebred and cultivate the precious meat duck species today.

That is, a kind of white duck with feeding method, so the name is “filling duck”!Not only that, Beijing Duck was spread to Europe and the United States a century ago, and it was alarming through breeding!Therefore, Beijing ducks with high -quality varieties have become a world -renowned duck species for a long time!

What we talk about today is: How many types have you eaten?Due to geographical location, climate and envir

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