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Column | Green Intelligence: The roar of the Jinsha River (below) -The tug of war in the reservoir and the environment

A large amount of earth and rocks rolled down like an avalanche, making thunder sounds. 18 households and more than 40 people buried in gravel piles. Earlier this year, a landslide disaster occurred in Zhaotong, Yunnan.Among the four giant hydropower stations in the lower reaches of the Jinsha River, there are three seats in Zhaotong. The upstream Gangto Hydropower Dam Project is ready to go. In order to keep his home, from Ganzi to overseas, the Tibetan crowd will resist.

The slogan of “China Hydropower is southwest and southwest hydropower in Jinsha” shouted loudly. The unique geographical conditions of the Jinshajiang River have created abundant water conservancy resources. However, from the perspective of geology and terrain, is it suitable for building huge hydropower group projects?From the beginning of the 21st century, the Jinsha River Hydropower Development Plan has successively launched, and experts have continued to throw doubts.

Dr. Weiluo, a Chinese water conservancy expert who lives in Germany, pointed out that China’s terrain has shown three steps in three stages, from step by step from the Qinghai -Tibet Plateau in the west to the east plain.The upstream river section flows from north to south. The Jinsha River passes through the Hengduan Mountains in this section. The Hengduan Mountains are the result of the collision between the Indian plates and the Eurasian plate.With the landslide belt, the reservoir dam is a condition that induces the disaster for fragile geological hazardous rocks and fracture activities, forming a continuous and complex hidden danger of geological disasters.

The Jinsha River Full Basin plans to develop more than 20 steps of stalls. The original total installation machine scale is equivalent to 4 Three Gorges Dam. Now the project plan is expanded to 4.5 Three Gorges Dam.The upstream and downstream of Xiludu, Xiangba and Udidong Hydropower Station, which has been put into operation, is equivalent to two Three Gorges Dam. Steel hydropower development is actively promoted upstream. The geological disasters derived from the reservoir have long emerged.

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The Baihetan Hydropower Station in the lower reaches of the Jinsha River faces extremely complex geological geological conditions, and the dam site is also a strong earthquake belt.(Agence France -Presse)

Dam push a landslide

Wang Weiluo said that the reservoir storage and raising the water level will induce landslide and crash. Chinese scientists give a new concept “reservoir induces landslide”, and Xiluo Capital Reservoir is one of the typical cases.

On May 4, 2013, the Xiludu project began to storage of water. On June 23, the water level rose to the dead water level of 540 meters of reservoir to complete the first stage of water storage.Wang Weiluo pointed out that on July 27th, a reservoir induced landslides in the Xiluo Daocan area caused at least 9 people to miss. Perhaps because it is not a definition of China on major accidents or particularly important accidents, maybe the Chinese Communist Party intends to conceal accidents caused by large reservoir dams. ChinaThe official media did not report the large -scale landslides in the reservoir area. However, Tang Fengjiao, Tang Fengjiao, Institute of Geology and Earth Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, published in the 2022 “Jinsha River Loudu Reservoir area reservoir area to induce the distribution of landslides and space distribution and time and space.Easy Research “, the article confirms the tragedy.

Not only the threat of the reservoir induced the earthquake, but also Chinese scientists also realized that the upper reaches of the Jinsha River is a centralized development area of the landslide. The safety of the river project is prominent.And its related issues “pointed out that in recent years, with the gradual advancement of the ladder hydropower development, the historical blocked riversal landslide in the upper reaches of the Jinsha River has attracted attention and attention. From the perspective of existing research results, the historical history of the upper reaches of the Jinsha River River River River RiverNot only are there a large number of blocks, but the scale of landslides and dammed dams is large.

In 2018, the white landslide memory is still fresh. Wang Weiluo said that the landslide was near the dam site to the Polo Hydropower Station in the lower reaches of the Gangto Hydropower Station.In the middle of the night on October 10, a landslide occurred in Baige Village, Jiangda County, Tibet to block the dry flow of the Jinsha River.Tens of thousands of residents in Sichuan and Tibet.Lirkeys occurred again on November 3. The landslide forming a dammed dam with a length of more than 200 meters and a height of nearly 60 meters. The dam -losing flood was rushed to nearly 500 kilometers downstream. Almost all the bridges on the Jinsha River were washed away.Houses and roads are also greatly damaged.

The flood of the dam was rolling with a large amount of sediment, and the two hydropower stations were hit.Wang Weiluo pointed out that the amount of sediment measured in the Yangtze River was higher than that of the Yellow River at that time. In the water per cubic meter of water, there were about 40 to 50 kg of sediment. Because a large amount of sediment was transferred to the Liyuan Reservoir in the middle of the Jinsha River, this was just.The construction of the buildings can only run for 10 years and exit in advance. Basically, a reservoir will be abolished. In addition, the flood has also destroyed the coffin of the Suwa Long Hydropower Station in the upstream construction, causing major economic losses to the project.

“At that time, because I already knew that the dam was formed and it was going to be broken, I found that after the measurement, the flood of the dam was equivalent to the flood of the Jinsha River.The flood was encountered. “Wang Weiluo said,” Yunnan was urgently evacuated by more than 40,000 people at the time, and Yunnan’s direct economic loss was as high as RMB 7.4 billion. Sichuan did not conduct a survey. “

He reminded him that large landslides occurred again on the upper reaches of the Jinsha River, and the risk of forming a dammed lake still existed. After the formation of the Gangtuo Reservoir, the risk of inducing earthquakes and reservoirs caused by reservoir induced landslides.If the white landslide occurs after the completion of the Polo Reservoir Dam project or a large landslide occurs in the Gangtuo Reservoir area, it is the Chinese version of the Wayi Reservoir Landscape tragedy.

The Wayi Reservoir in Italy was the worst dam disaster in Europe. Wang Weiluo explained that at that time, the landslide slipped into the reservoir, and the dam was not inverted.Cause more than 2,000 people to die.

“After the reservoir dam storage, it will cause frequent reservoirs to induce earthquakes. The original stable hillside body becomes unstable, causing the landslide to collapse, and the landslide may produce a surge, and it will cause an earthquake. It is comprehensive. It is comprehensive.The disaster. “Wang Weiluo explained the bone brand effect.” Therefore, if China built a dam every 2 or 30 kilometers, its chain effect will be several times the disaster, and the consequences are terrible. “

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Earlier this year, a landslide disaster occurred in Zhaotong, Yunnan. In recent years, reservoirs have also been induced in Zhaotong.(Agence France -Presse)

Reservoir earthquake follows

In recent years, the Chuansha River River Basin, which is the main body of the Sichuan -Yunnan Basin, has made a blame in the reservoir dam.

Wang Weiluo took the landslide of Zhaotong this year as an example. The disaster and the constant reservoir induced the earthquake was directly related, and it was also related to the local coal mine development.At that time, the mayor of Zhaotong City said that there was no landslide disaster in the history of this area. After the Earthquake in Yiliang in 2012, there were also many earthquakes and many landslides here.if.

“The Yiliang earthquake was developed due to the development of Xiangjiaba Reservoir in the lower reaches of the Jinsha River, and before the development of the dry flow project, more than 1,000 reservoir dams were built in a tributary basin., Lirchius here, buried a elementary school, Wen Jiabao flew from Beijing to Yiliang region again to memorize these dying children. “He took stock of the local reservoir to induce the earthquake incident book.A magnitude 6.5 earthquake killed more than 600 people, which was related to the construction of Xilu Dam Dam. Later, the Baihetan Reservoir Dam was also on the Zhaotong area. “

Scientific research has continuously put forward strong evidence. Wang Weiluo pointed out that the Three Gorges Dam was officially storage on June 1, 2003 to 135 meters above sea level. After this water storage, more than a thousand reservoirs occurred in the Three Gorges Reservoir to induce earthquakes. By JulyOn the 13th, the upper reaches of Qianzhong Ping had a large landslide, causing more than 20 people to die and miss.In addition, Chinese scientists have also proved that the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake is an earthquake induced by the Ziping Panel Reservoir. After the earthquake, the fault activity of Longmen Mountain is pulled.

The reservoir dam touched the buttons of the geological disaster, but human disasters were regarded as a natural disaster.Wang Weiluo said that when the earthquake occurs now, the CCP has denied that this is a reservoir induced earthquake. It is said that this is a natural disaster. For example, the Jishi Mountain earthquake at the end of last year was also a reservoir to induce the earthquake.It is related to the stage development of the upper reaches of the Yellow River.

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The dry lakes of Poyang Lake grow out of weeds and the upstream reservoir group grabbing water is one of the reasons for the decline in water level.(Reuters)

Grabbing the storm intensified

In addition to geological disasters, the crisis of water shortage also continued to sound alarm.Wang Weiluo had a problem. The Sands River’s steps to put water down the water during the flood season. It is not that Stalin’s “reservoir dam can not only flood, resist drought, but also generate electricity.”Water, such as Poyang Lake and Dongting Lake, entered the dry period in advance in winter, and the water level broke the low historical point every year, as well as the phenomenon of salted water from the Shanghai Yangtze River mouth. These are the result of the water grabbing.

“For the hydropower development company, water is electricity, electricity is money, and it needs to protect the water for power generation, so regardless of whether the downstream is used.” He proposed sharp criticism. “Indian politician Gandhi said, the world said, the world in the world, the world in the world, the world in the world, the world in the world, the world in the world, the world in the world, the world in the world, the world in the world, the world in the world, the world in the world, the world in the world, the world in the world, the world in the world, the world in the world.The resources can meet the needs of everyone, but it cannot meet the greed of human beings. In fact, China’s resources cannot satisfy the CCP’s greed. “

The Hydropower Development Project of Jinsha River is horsepower. “Why do you want to talk about the courage of the CCP? Why is engineering and technical personnel so big? Marx said that as long as the capitalist sees 10%of profits, he is not afraid of killing. The hydropower companyYou can earn 3.93 yuan in voting 1 yuan. They are dare to kill such a profit, so they are fearless to induce earthquakes, reservoirs to induce landslides, etc. It doesn’t matter. “

Not surprisingly, the Chinese story continues to say “build a power station, drive one party economy, improve a piece of environment, and benefit a group of immigrants.”However, from the Jinsha River to the Yangtze River, the environmental ecology is difficult to withstand the “heavy pressure” of the staircase hydropower group, and a large number of reservoir immigrants have been crushed.

“Those who pressed at the bottom floor are these immigrants driven by hydropower engineering.” Wang Weiluo sighed that he counted from the Three Gorges Reservoir District, Sichuan Ganzi and Yunnan along the Jinsha River area.The earthquake also exposed the truth of poverty alleviation in China. “Immigration is the most harmful group in the whole process, so benefiting a group of immigrants is a deceptive ghost.”

A large amount of earth and rocks rolled down like an avalanche, making thunder sounds. 18 households and

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