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A week of business | The former chairman of the board of directors of Ali joined the morning one of the morning; the KIMI smart assistant of the Moon’s dark side can support 2 million words

Every reporter Liu Xuemei every editor Li Zhuo    

| March 18, 2024 & mdash; & mdash; March 22 |

No.1 Zhang Yong, chairman and CEO of the former board of directors of Alibaba Group, joined the morning one

On March 21, according to the WeChat public account of the morning, Zhang Yong (Xiaoyaozi), chairman and CEO of the former board of directors of Alibaba Group, will join the Chuiyi Fund and the founder Liu Xiaodan to serve as a management partner.

Comment:The news of Zhang Yong’s joining the Chenyi Fund shows that the capital market still has a strong demand for talents in the Internet and technical background.As Alibaba’s former executive, Zhang Yong’s joining is undoubtedly a big asset for Chenyi Fund, and will bring rich management experience and industry resources to the fund.In the context of the current capital market turbulence and the acceleration of scientific and technological innovation, its joining may have a certain impact on the entire field of venture capital.From an enterprise perspective, this may attract more excellent entrepreneurial projects and accelerate the capital operation and structural adjustment of the industry.

No.2 Hou Yi officially stepped down as Hema CEO, Chief Financial Officer Yan Xiaolei took over

The reporter confirmed to Alibaba that Hou Yi officially stepped down as Hema CEO and continued to serve as Hema’s chief honorary consultant, and Hema chief financial officer Yan Xiaolei took over.Wu Yongming, CEO of Ali Group, notified the above -mentioned persons to change from Hema employees through all employees.

Comment:Hou Yi stepped down as the CEO of Hema to the chief honorary consultant, showing that Hema was undergoing a strategic leadership change.As a pioneer of new retail, Hema has carried out many innovative practices under Hou Yi’s leadership, and promoted the development and improvement of online and offline integration.Hou Yi’s transfer to honor consultant may mean that after completing a stage of corporate development goals, he will focus on providing strategic guidance, and Yan Xiaolei will take over the CEO of the company on behalf of the company will focus on financial optimization and sustainable development.From a professional perspective, this adjustment of corporate leadership is usually accompanied by new strategic goals and properties with different management points. This is more than because Hema is facing performance pressure and needs to strengthen financial management and cost control.

No.3 Pinduoduo revenue last year was 247.6 billion yuan!A year -on -year increase of 90%

On March 20, Pinduoduo Group released the fourth quarter of 2023 and the annual performance report as of December 31.In the quarter, the revenue of Pinduoduo Group was 88.9 billion yuan, an increase of 123%year -on -year; the operating profit of the United States was 22.4 billion yuan.Last year’s annual revenue was 247.6 billion yuan, an increase of 90%year -on -year.

Comment:Pinduoduo’s 2023 financial report shows that revenue and net profit have increased significantly year -on -year. On the one hand, it reflects the recovery of the consumer market. On the other hand, it also shows that Pinduoduo has achieved success in improving operating efficiency and optimizing cost structure.Pinduoduo has further consolidated its competitiveness in the field of e -commerce by strengthening the upward channels and technological innovation of agricultural products.However, as an e -commerce platform known for its price advantage, Pinduoduo needs to overcome a single price competition model in the future development, and expand differentiated services and improve the quality of goods to cope with the trend of consumption upgrade.

No.4 Eastern selection and three sheep apologize for the plum food buckle incident

Oriental selection issued a statement in the official micro -investigation of the investigation and follow -up processing measures for the “Royal Huiyuan Mei Caiser” products sold on its behalf.Oriental selection stated that it is the first step to pay for consumers who purchase the product. It is still investigating the products involved in the inside.On the basis of the refund, further pay for consumers to pay three times compensation, and resolutely investigate the responsibility of merchants and manufacturers.On the same day, the three sheep networks explained through the official Weibo release that the “Yuhui Yuanmei Caudin Meat” produced by Anhui Donghui Food Technology Co., Ltd., which was hotly discussed online, was suspected of using groove -headed meat raw materials in violation of regulations.The company attaches great importance to arrange special classes for the first time. On the night of March 15th, consumer registration was launched, and a refund was successively paid.

Comment:The rapid response and active compensation of the Eastern Selection and the Three Sheep’s Meat Capital Event reflect the emphasis on consumer rights and interests of consumers.When the quality problem is generated, it can take timely measures and provide compensation, which shows its strong brand responsibility awareness and risk control capabilities on the side.However, the incident also exposed the loopholes that may exist in supply chain management and quality monitoring.This incident also sounded the alarm for the e -commerce industry, that is, e -commerce platforms should establish a stricter commodity access and regulatory mechanism to ensure the safety and reliability of platform products to maintain consumer trust and brand reputation.

No.1 The dark side of the month: Kimi supports 2 million words without damage context. After March 20th

On March 18th, GM’s artificial intelligence startup & mdash; & mdash; the dark side of the month announced a new breakthrough in the large model long context window technology. KIMI smart assistants have supported 2 million words.”Internal test”.In less than half a year, the dark side of the Moon has increased the length of the non -destructive context of the Kimi smart assistant.However, starting from 9:30 on March 20, the system traffic of Kimi has continued to increase abnormally, and the trend of increased traffic far exceeds its expected planning for resources.This has led to from 10:00 on the same day. There are more SaaS customers’ continuous experience of 429: Engine is overloaded abnormal problems.At present, the company has designed a more effective SaaS traffic priority strategy to ensure the stability of the call households. It is expected to be completed and launched before March 25.

Comment:The technical breakthrough in the field of natural language processing in its KIMI smart assistant in Moon’s Dark Noodle Company shows the rapid progress of Chinese artificial intelligence technology.The breakthrough of this technology marks the significant improvement of KIMI smart assistants in handling long text information.The SaaS customer experience abnormal situation caused by the surge in KIMI platform traffic is explained, which reflects the emergency capacity of a technology -driven company when dealing with surge in traffic.With the development of the digital economy, the SaaS platform has been favored by more and more enterprises due to its convenience and flexibility.At the same time, this also brings the platform to the challenge of expansion and service stability.It can respond quickly and perform multiple expansion, indicating that the dark side of the moon has certain technical reserves and emergency response mechanisms.However, the emergence of such problems has also exposed the lack of traffic forecasting and resource planning.

No.2 The total use time of the video number doubles, the income of Tencent 2023 online advertising business exceeds 100 billion

On March 20, Tencent Holdings released the fourth quarter of 2023 and the annual financial report.In 2023, Tencent achieved revenue of 60.9015 billion yuan, with a net profit of 157.688 billion yuan.At the Tencent Annual Meeting on January 30 this year, Tencent CEO Ma Huateng had regarded the video number as “the hope of the whole goose factory” and said that this year, he will develop a live video number to live broadcast e -commerce.In the latest financial report, the performance of the video number business is still prominent.The financial report shows that the use of the total use of the video number doubles, providing more monetary support for the creator of the video number, such as promoting live broadcasts and bringing goods, and matching the creators and brands for marketing activities.At the same time, the new advertising inventory and the continuous upgrade of the advertising platform by the video number and WeChat search, the company’s online advertising business revenue in 2023 increased by 23%to 101.5 billion yuan year -on -year.

Comment:The news that Tencent’s video number users used up and online advertising business revenue exceeded 100 billion yuan.As a new entrance to traffic, the increase in its user duration is directly connected to the revenue of advertising and live broadcasting e -commerce.Tencent is currently facing the fierce competition of other social platforms such as byte beating, so the investment in the video number reflects its emphasis on the status of consolidating the status of social media.However, in the long run, in order to maintain growth, the video number needs to continuously enrich the content ecology and optimization algorithms. At the same time, it should also pay attention to the content supervision and user privacy protection to ensure a healthy business and social reputation.

No.1 Six departments such as the General Administration of Market Supervision clearly clarify the scope of prefabricated dishes and promote the use of prefabricated dishes in the catering link

According to the news on March 21, the six departments of the General Administration of Market Supervision issued a notice to strengthen the prefabricated food safety supervision and promote the high -quality development of the industry.The notice proposes to study and formulate national standards for prefabricated food and food safety.The standards of rigorous and uniformly formulated the standards for the production and processing of pre -production, refrigerated and cold chain logistics, etc., and clearly regulate the requirements for prefabricated food food safety requirements.Strictly implement the main responsibility.Urges prefabricated vegetable production and operation enterprises to establish and improve food safety management systems in accordance with the requirements of the “Regulations on the Supervision and Administration of Enterprises Implementing the Supervision and Management of Food Safety Master”, strengthen the control of food production and operation risk, strictly control the quality of raw materials, check the promise of the standard for the raw materials for edible agricultural products in accordance with the law,The quality of the products proves that strict food additives are used, and the food safety of prefabricated vegetable products can be effectively guaranteed.

Comment:According to the news of strengthening the supervision of prefabricated food safety supervision such as the General Administration of Market Supervision, this is a positive measure, which reflects the government’s strict requirements for the development of the prefabricated vegetable industry and the strict requirements of food safety.As part of the new consumption trend, prefabricated dishes will help improve the convenience of life, but at the same time, it also faces risks such as excessive food additives and different sanitary standards.The formulation of rigorous and unified national standards is conducive to regulating the development of the industry and protecting consumer rights.From an industrial perspective, this will also promote the reinforcement of internal control and product quality of prefabricated vegetable companies. In the long run, it is conducive to the healthy development of the entire prefabricated vegetable industry and the establishment of the brand.

No.2 Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission: The “Healthy Food” live room is not realistic

Recently, the Shanghai Municipal Consumer Protection Commission surveyed 100 live broadcast rooms, of which 83 of them involved “sugar -free, sucrose, no sugar, no sucrose” and other related products.When anchors are broadcast, they will focus on emphasizing that the applicable people are “sugar -controlled people”, “pregnant mothers”, “old people”, and “children” and so on.From the perspective of actual testing results, the proportion of names is nearly one -half, and even some of the products that claim sugar -free products are actually very sugar content.

Comment: Facing consumers’ high attention to “healthy food”, some e -commerce live broadcast rooms use consumers to market the pursuit of concepts such as “sugar -free” and “low sugar”. There are indeed some behaviors that violate the principles of integrity.From a professional perspective, this phenomenon hurts the interests of consumers, destroys market order, and weakens consumers’ trust in healthy food labels.E -commerce platforms should strengthen the supervision of the live broadcast room, strictly implement relevant laws and regulations of food safety and advertising authenticity, and punish illegal sellers.At the same time, it is recommended to guide consumers to improve their recognition ability and encourage compliance manufacturers to use scientific and accurate information transmission to build a more transparent and healthy consumer environment.

No.1 Zhongtong Express: It is estimated that the annual package volume in 2024 will be 34.73 billion to 35.64 billion pieces.

Zhongtong Express announced in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Based on the current market conditions and operations, the company is expected to parcel in 2024 in the range of 34.73 billion to 35.64 billion pieces, a year -on -year increase of 15%to 18%.These forecasts are based on the current preliminary viewpoints of management and may be adjusted according to the actual situation.

Comment:Zhongtong Express made a positive prediction of parcel volume in 2024, and it is expected to achieve a growth of 15%to 18%.It can be seen from this forecast that Zhongtong has maintained an optimistic attitude towards the industry’s future growth and reflects its confidence in expanding market share and improving service levels.However, the logistics industry is in the period when price warfare and service competition have been staged one after another. The future growth of Zhongtong must not only rely on the scale of scale, but also need to continue to work hard in improving delivery efficiency, improvement of service quality, and digital transformation to ensure that competition can be competitiveStanding in the middle of the heel.

No.2 “Harbin Delivery Running Legs” access Dada Express

On March 19, Harbin’s leg running business brand “Harbin Delivery Running Legs” announced that it had access to Dada Express.Select the car delivery after sending the homepage or filling in the address on Dada, and the relevant distribution service has been displayed by the owner of the Harbin.It is worth mentioning that Harbin revealed that Haru’s delivery of leg -running services has been launched in more than 300 cities across the country.

Every reporter Liu Xuemei every editor Li Zhuo| March 18, 2024 & mdash; & mdash; March 22 |No.1 Zhang Yong, c

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