Xiamen commercial aerospace satellite realizes "one" to "multi" satellite network network

On the 23rd, the “Topo Technology 03 Star” and “Huaxiangyuan No. 1” satellite held a ceremony in Xiamen.The vehicle carrying the satellite departed to Gansu Jiuquan Launch Base on the morning.The satellite is expected to be launched in early April. It will form a satellite network from “one” to “more” from the “Xiamen · Topo Technology No. 1” pioneer and “Xiamen Technology One Satellite” that has been successfully launched before.The commercialization and industrialization development of Xiamen Aerospace Satellite has taken another important step.

It is understood that this is a high -spectrum satellite with innovative significance. The entire star weighs 40 kg, the height of the ground orbit is 535km, the ground is like a meta -resolution of 10m.50 kilometers; it has the characteristics of light weight, high integration, strong loading capacity, and wide spectrum segments, large fields, large relative pores and other characteristics.Satellite remote sensing data rapid response and differentiated observations, improve observation efficiency, and solve the time -effective bottleneck.

“This satellite is equipped with intelligent processing terminals, which can generate and transmit regional images that users care about, which greatly improves the speed and efficiency of obtaining standard images.” You Qin, chairman of Xiamen Tianshi Technology Co., Ltd.Satellites will be further applied to urban ecological construction such as smart agriculture, ecological environment, and natural resources, helping Xiamen’s industrial upgrading and high -quality development.

“Typhoon Technology 03 Star” was jointly developed by Tianshi Technology and Huaxiangyuan. It is a low -orbit satellite. It will be used for the monitoring of Huaxiangyuan’s eight major tea manor to promote the digital construction of the tea manor and lead the full upgrade of the construction standards of the tea manorEssence

Youqin said that commercial aerospace was written into a government work report for the first time this year and was listed as a strategic emerging industry, which ushered in an excellent opportunity for development.

On the 23rd, the “Topo Technology 03 Star” and “Huaxiangyuan No. 1” satellite held a ceremony in Xiamen.The vehicle carrying the s