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How to buy sanitary and delicious soy products?(Photos)

Tofu (picture source: pixabay)

RichproteinofSoybean productsIt can be said that it is widely welcomed by the public, like::TofuAs well asDried beansAs well asBean skinandSoy milk(Poch) and so on.However, if the industry does not implement sanitary safety control in the manufacturing processing process, it is easy to cause microorganisms to be long and acidic.The Food and Drug Administration (hereinafter referred to as the Food and Drug Administration) and the local government health bureaus will conduct inspections and draws on soy products manufacturing and seller to maintain the safety of people’s consumption.In addition, you know how to buy fresh,healthAre you delicious soy products?Give upFood and Drug AdministrationCome and tell you that soybean products are selected for 3 skimming steps!

It is recommended to choose a complete packaging food to avoid contamination or flavor loss during the storage and transportation process.When buying, you should pay attention to whether there is a complete label on the packaging, including content, valid date, manufacturer information, etc. At the same time, pay attention to the preservation method of the product, and save it according to instructions.In addition, if you buy a vacuum packaging soybean product, those who are food -oriented foods, according to the nature of refrigeration and freezing, should indicate the words “must be refrigerated” or “must be frozen”;The words should be fully heated “.

In the process of manufacturing, in order to extend the product preservation period or increase the sales of the product, the industry can legally add a small amount of food additives.However, please pay attention to the color and smell of the product before buying to avoid those who are too yellow, too white or pungent.If there is mucus or sour taste on the surface of the product, it may be corrupted and should not be purchased.

Whether it is to buy a complete packaging or bulk soy products, pay attention to the environmental sanitation and product preservation situation of the store, and choose the products of excellent operators in order to make you feel at ease and healthy.

To buy soy products, you need to choose a reliable and reputable merchant.
To buy soy products, you need to choose a reliable and reputable merchant.(Picture source: “Drug Food Safety Weekly”)

(Article from: “Drug Food Safety Weekly” Issue 965 2024/03/15)

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Source: “Drug Food Safety Weekly”
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Tofu (picture source: pixabay)RichproteinofSoybean productsIt can be said that it is widely welcomed by

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