Increase the "shortcut keys" for financial supply for resumption

The newspaper (Wang Dong reporter Liu Yifu) The front line of production is also the front line of the “epidemic”. Jiamusi has continuously increased financial support and service to “increase” financial supply for enterprises.

The department’s linkage service is required for enterprises.Jiamusi City Financial Services Bureau and the People’s Bank of China, Jiamusi City Sub -branch, and Bank of China Insurance Supervision and Administration Commission Jiamusi Supervision Bureau coordinated and established three tasks to promote supervision teams to conduct on -site visits to various financial institutions.I issued the “Notice on the Related Unit of Coronatte Viruses infected with Pneumonia in Infection and Control of Pneumonia and Epidemic Prevention and Control Materials Production Enterprise Financing Demand Information” “Opinions on Financial Supporting Enterprise Reinstaclation and Repeated Production” to timely understand and grasp medical institutions and supplies of epidemic prevention and controlProduction enterprises and related guarantee units financing needs.

Through docking with the Industry and Information Bureau, the Food Bureau and other departments, there are more than 80 companies with financing needs. As of now, more than 190 million yuan in more than 10 enterprises have been leaned out, and the remaining projects are actively promoting.The People’s Bank of China Jiamusi City Sub -branch opened the “Green Channel for Fund Dialing”, organized the Treasury of the entire under its jurisdiction to strengthen communication and contact with the financial department and financial institutions, determine the method of allocation of emergency funds, and strive to ensure the timely allocation of special funds for the prevention and control of financial epidemics at all levels in the jurisdiction.

Enterprise resumers and re -production credit continues to “increase”.Each financial institution has taken extraordinary measures to simplify the workflow, and use financial support for epidemic prevention and control enterprises and people’s livelihood guarantee enterprises to accelerate the resumption of work and re -production.

Agricultural distribution Jiamusi Branch has provided 50 million yuan, 3 million yuan, and 3 million yuan loans to Heilongjiang Hongzhan Biological Energy Co., Ltd., Municipal Infectious Hospital, and Jiuxian Grass Chinese Herbal Medicine Development Co., Ltd.The prevention and control of raw materials and epidemic; Jiamusi Agricultural Credit Society has invested 50 million yuan and 20 million yuan loans to Heilongjiang Hongzhan Biological Energy Co., Ltd. and Funyuan Jindu Mi Industry Co., Ltd. to support enterprise production;Jiamusi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. issued 30 million yuan of mobile fund loans, providing strong financial support for the company’s timely purchase of medical epidemic prevention drugs. The approval was completed within 48 hours through the green channel.3.15%of the “anti -epidemic” loan is 10 million yuan; the postal savings bank Jiamusus Branch completed the pre -approval through online, providing 1 million yuan loan for Jiamusi Longjun Rice Industry Co., Ltd. and Jiamusi Binyuan Rice Industry Co., Ltd. respectively; Harbin Bank JiamususWithin 2 hours, the branch cooperated with the Municipal Finance Bureau and the Municipal Health and Health Commission to successfully allocate more than 4 million yuan in the epidemic prevention and control funds to the community prevention and control centers, which won valuable time for the anti -epidemic.

At the same time, in order to ensure the normal supply of vegetables in the city’s normal vegetables in the city, Harbin Bank Jiamusi Branch also adopted the method of special affairs and special affairs to four fruit and vegetable suppliers to accelerate the approval process. The first batch of 9 million yuan loan has been put in place., Effectively ensure the normal operation of fruit and vegetable wholesale supply during epidemic prevention.

Innovative platform services do not meet.All banking institutions give full play to the advantages of fintech and the main channels, actively promote the “online office, appointment office, emergency office” and other models, actively guide customers to select online services, use mobile apps, WeChat, telephone and other methods to handle bank insurance self -service bank insuranceRelated Business.Organize and guide all financial institutions to actively participate in the trial operation of the city’s “Jia Sheng Rong” financial network service platform, do support and lead, promote the platform as soon as possible, build a bridge of banking and enterprises, and make every effort to ensure that enterprises have re -production production production.need.ICBC’s Jiamusi Branch simplifies the workflow, connects online, and put a loan of 5 million yuan to Jiamu Siming Baby Fanflies Co., Ltd.

At the same time, Jiamusi Farmers’ Financial Institutions simplify the approval procedures, and use the mobile phone WeChat group to collect online data collection and video materials. Mobile banking to provide online credit and issuance to ensure that spring plowing loans are allocated to farmers in a timely manner.At present, Jiamusi Agricultural Credit Federation has realized more than 800 households and more than 8,500 million yuan, of which more than 150 households and more than 7.6 million yuan of loans have been put on.The banks invest in 4 and 1.7 million yuan to prepare a spring plowing loan.

The newspaper (Wang Dong reporter Liu Yifu) The front line of production is also the front line of the “epidemic”. Jiamusi has continuously increased financial support and service to “