"Financial bottom fertilizer" nourishes Woye Liangtian -Hunan Finance strongly supports spring plowing for farming

Huasheng Online All Media Reporter Huang Lifei

On March 8th, farmers began to clean up the ditch in the farmland in Yuelong Village, Huagu Street, Dongkou County, and agricultural machinery was busy with farming.

After being shocked, Spring was getting busy.Touching financial needs, single -column credit plans, broadening service channels, increasing credit distribution … At present, financial institutions in Hunan banks “open up their horsepower” to put “financial bottom fertilizer” for spring plowing.

Increase the release of key areas

Where to prepare for farming in spring, there is a bank.

Support the purchase of agricultural capital, the province’s agricultural credit system key guarantees the demand for the procurement, production and circulation of agricultural production data procurement, production and circulation funds for seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, feeds, agricultural machinery, etc.As of the end of February, it has been tiring of spring farming loans of 7.33 billion yuan.

Aiming at key areas, in the fields of grain production and important agricultural product supply, cultivated land protection and high -standard farmland construction, seed industry revitalization, agricultural advantages and characteristics of 100 billion industries, agricultural distribution of Hunan Branch actively connects, actively visit, and quickly lend loans.

Focusing on key groups, the province’s agricultural and commercial banks focus on the demand for farmers, new agricultural business entities, poverty alleviation areas, and poverty alleviation.For example, the Luo Luo Rural Commercial Bank actively connects the high -standard farmland construction project and contracted personnel, and has been issued by Odaka for 17.99 million yuan since 2024.

“The province’s agricultural credit system regards the support of spring plowing and plowing as an important starting point for the revitalization of the village to revitalize, and continues to optimize the model of supporting farmers and agriculture.” The relevant person in charge of the Provincial Agricultural Credit Federation introduced that according to local conditions, the agricultural and commercial banks should adapt to local conditions and put the spring farming preparation plan for the project.Decompire to the branch outlets and customer manager.

Opening the “last mile” of rural financial services, Rural Commercial Bank has gradually established “the basic finance does not go out of the village, the comprehensive finance does not go out of the town, the non -existing finance is not out of the village, the” Fu Xiang E Station “is added.The financial “one -stop” service system for leaving home.

Optimize products and services

Spring plowing credit credit is launched in the “competition”, and various bank financial institutions fight for products and services.

“Xiangnong Fast Loan” is a purely credit personal business loan product tailored for planters in Hunan Province. The credit line has a maximum credit quota of 500,000 yuan. It can be led the same day and apply online.At present, Changsha Bank’s “Xiangnong Fast Loan” has a credit amount of more than 300 million yuan and a loan balance of 150 million yuan.

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Hunan Branch closely focused on the incremental, expanding, and quality improvement of “planting E loans”, entered the villages and villages of villages and villages with rich resources, and carried out in -depth rural financial service activities of “Xingnong Wanli”.

Relying on different scenarios such as planting and breeding, the spring plowing special credit products of Rural Commercial Bank of the province are even more dazzling.

Lo Luo Rural Commercial Bank launched the “Agricultural Subsidy Loan” to focus on supporting the investment in the early stage of the construction of early rice seedlings.Files meet the needs of farmers; Linwu Rural Commercial Bank launched “rice incense loan”; in addition, there are Hui Nong Fast Loan, Farmland Construction Loan, Pig Loan, and Passection of Agricultural Machinery Paste …

Huasheng Online All Media Reporter Huang LifeiOn March 8th, farmers began to clean up the ditch in the