AW2024 Beijing Fashion Week ended successfully

Original title: AW2024 Beijing Fashion Week ended successfully

The “Miracle Plan” helps Chinese emerging designers grow

Last night (22nd), AW2024 Beijing Fashion Week closed show “Clothing · Heaven Terrent Squate” -The Li Wei High Fashion Release Show was held at Zhengda Center in Chaoyang District, announcing the successful conclusion of the AW2024 Beijing Fashion Week.A total of 38 official activities of online and offline will be held this season. 54 domestic and foreign brands and designers have participated in the release. The 30 shopping mall stores in the Beijing region participated in the “Fashion Hyathery Festival” to promote consumer activities.With the high -level trend release, business exhibitions, digital fashion and other exciting activities, this season’s Beijing Fashion Week has injected the connotation of the new era into the capital fashion, and contributed Beijing Fashion in cultivating new productivity, helping the rise of the national tide, and activating consumption potential in the activation of consumption potentialstrength.

Well -known designers create a new style of national tide

On the closing show on the evening of the 22nd, Li Wei, contemporary artists and clothing designers, and Chinese textile non -heritage promotion ambassadors, brought the “clothing person · sky terrain” senior fashion release show.Its design works cleverly integrate Chinese traditional non -heritage arts such as silk, dyed weaving, and the concept of modern design.The far -reaching intention of the “Realm of the New Stock” in Beijing Fashion Week.

In recent years, traditional Chinese culture and art have become increasingly shining on the domestic and world fashion catwalks.Beijing Fashion Week adheres to the concept of “fashion+culture”, further cultivates traditional culture, and blooms modern fashion.This season, Fashion Week assembled well -known brands and designers to show cultural self -confidence with a variety of high -quality and trendy quality shows.At the opening show, designer Xiong Ying and Chinese style high -end fashion brand Gaia Legend 2024AW “Huaxia Bihua” series combines traditional Chinese elements and modern tailoring skills;The press conference leads the new revolution of cheongsam, allowing the world to see the innovation of traditional Chinese aesthetics and modern aesthetics; international women’s fashion brand Joya Ma “Dragones” series, incorporate the traditional elements of the Chinese lunar calendar, creating noble luxury for modern independent womenFashion feast.

In addition, this will also launch a new project “Wonderful Plan” for the Fashion Week, and jointly planned a joint conference of fashion art to jointly plan a joint design series of designers and brands.Support the academy’s emerging design forces and support Chinese young designers to grow.

Open market cognition with the help of technology

AW2024 Beijing Fashion Week has established a digital fashion tide, and develops the development of platforms with various forms of scientific and technological power. Multi -channel helps designers and brands quickly open market awareness through digitization, breeding new productivity, leading the capital’s fashion industry to accelerate the upgrade of peaks.

This season’s fashion week, in addition to the audience outside the field, you can directly hit the brand trend to release a big show online, you can also enjoy the brand’s short videos, follow the other fashionistas “cloud exhibition”, unlock the fashion password, work in all virtual clothing workA digital fashion work of the room and digital pioneer artist opens an imagination about the fashion revolution.Phantom System’s expression of cultural connotation through virtual fashion has reached sensory resonance with the viewer; Vikin combines liquid metal, lucrative laser materials with clothing with digital technology; Samstudio explores the expression of fashion in the era of artificial intelligence; XueqingFantasy builds the “Star Night Butterfly” in the virtual fashion world; Youis combines ancient crafts and digital technology with modern fashion to create a “golden forging dream” … These have firmly grasped the younger generation of the younger generation inside and outside the fashion industry.Eyes have inspired the older generation of fashion brands and practitioners.

In addition, the national style image AI digital people “Jin” served as a non -heritage fashion figure leader, becoming the highlight of the charm of the national tide with digital technology this season, leading the innovation and inheritance of Chinese excellent traditional cultural innovation.During the Fashion Week, the total number of online live broadcasts exceeded 90 million, and the peak of the live broadcast of a single network exceeded 15 million. The closing show ended the relevant Weibo topic of the relevant Weibo.

Open the income conversion link to boost consumption

It was identified as “Consumption Promotion Year” in 2024.Through fashion and consumption linkage this season, fashion weeks have opened up a broader income conversion link space to help promote the construction of Beijing International Consumer Center.

During the period from March 16th to 24th, this season’s fashion week is based on the theme of “Yue Enjoying the New Instance and Gathering Beautiful”.In the 12 stores in Beijing, 18 shopping malls such as the Department Store of Wangfujing Group, Dong’an Market, Changan Shopping Mall, and the Beijing Fashion Holding Group’s Xuelian, Beijing Gongmei, Pure Touch, Copper Cattle and other brands created a new diversified commercial experience, sales, sales, sales, sales, salesData have been improved year -on -year, effectively inspiring the vitality of Beijing’s spring fashion consumer market.The official supporting exhibition Week UP trend exhibition simultaneously promotes the implementation of fashion business, brings together many well -known brands, shows the most trendy design concepts, connects multiple channels, and leads consumption upgrades.

Original title: AW2024 Beijing Fashion Week ended successfullyThe “Miracle Plan” helps Chinese emerging designers g