Shiseida family education: With the wings of innovation, reshape the future of family education

Recently, in the 2023 Jinan City Soft Power Model List jointly released by the Propaganda Department of the Jinan Municipal Party Committee, the Office of the Jinan Municipal Psychiatric Civilization Construction Committee, and the Shandong Commercial Daily, the button family education group won the “unique family education concept and innovative service model with its unique family education concept and innovative service model.Creative and innovation “role model.Family education is the foundation of all education. For young people’s mental health, family education has an inestimable effect.As a pioneer in the family education industry, the button family education group continuously explores the new concepts and methods of family education, combines the theory and practice of multiple disciplines such as psychology, education, and providing parents with scientific education guidance.It has made useful attempts to improve the mental health level of adolescents, and its results have been widely recognized by all sectors of society.


With the growth of children’s physiological and psychological growth, many parents often feel powerless when facing the education of their children, and cannot effectively solve the problems of children in terms of learning, behavior, and emotion.Most of the family education methods often focus on one -way instilling and discipline, and ignore the two -way interaction and common growth between parents and children.


In order to help parents grasp the children’s “mind passwords”, the button family education group has formed an original “dual -track power” family education guidance system through independent research and development and experience accumulation, covering the “five major systems”, “four -dimensional one”, “ten major”, “ten major major”, “ten major major”, “ten major major”Module “and other content.Through the separation of parents and children, arrange daily life training tasks, improve the cognition and communication skills of parents and children, stimulate children’s learning motivation, cultivate life and learning habits, comply with individual differentiation, and help thousands of ways to guide education with innovative guidance education methods.Thousands of families are easy to teach children.

On the basis of innovative concepts, the button family education group continues to explore new family education models, break the barriers of traditional family education, and realize the organic combination of online and offline.Opening the offline education base “button youth psychological growth base”, according to the characteristics of young people’s growth psychological behavior, tailor -made education plans, focus on the resolution of children’s psychological problems, the development of good habits, the cultivation of life goals, and the emphasis on the belief of life.Casting.On the line, the button family education group explores the advantages of the Internet and mobile media, and makes full use of big data and artificial intelligence technology to build a advanced education analysis system.Collect data from multiple dimensions and conduct in -depth analysis to help parents understand their children’s mental state more accurately and discover children’s psychological needs and emotional changes.


Family education is a complex and diverse field, and its development is inseparable from the extensive collaboration and joint efforts of all sectors of society.Through interactive cooperation with the government, Jinan procuratorial system, and all sectors of society, the button family education cooperates with the construction of minor protection and education collaborative projects, including the “Prevention of Minor Crime Psychological Education Center”, “Minor Observation and Education Base”, and”Minor Family Education Research Base”, etc., further explore the working mechanism of professionalization and standardization of family education guidance, promote the protection of the rights and interests of minors and the prevention of criminal prevention, and promote the improvement of young people’s mental health.


The button family education group was established in 2018. It currently has 12 outstanding domestic experts and professors, with more than 600 employees, including more than 200 professional psychological counselors, and has served more than 800,000 groups of families.The Group is committed to continuously innovating education concepts and teaching models, helping many parents to establish the correct family education concept, and mastering scientific family education methods.

Recently, in the 2023 Jinan City Soft Power Model List jointly released by the Propaganda Department of the Jin