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Help social enterprises -Standard Chartered Bank FUTUREMAKERS, "Love" is not hindered

Children, elderly people who need medication, disabled people … In the corner of society, the dilemma of fragile groups needs to be seen.In this context, social enterprises play a special role. Social enterprises solve problems with market -oriented means, and put their profits into public welfare undertakings, like a micro -light in the invisible corner.It is in such a mission that the green bud sports, the strong technology, the dream of everyone, and the dream of dreams are silent.

The growth of badminton prying

Bin Bin is a severe orphan child. Before going out to the green bud exercise training, he will carry the racket in advance and wait for the doorstep.He rarely expresses himself in words, but he will smile with others with a smile.During the training of Binbin, his parents drank tea, chatted, and waited to pick him up.

However, five years ago, he cried on the sidelines, and his mother had to hold his hand throughout the process to make the training start smoothly.Coach rehabilitation always follows the child.Occasionally criticism will cause Binbin to collapse, and he will bite himself and beat himself.

In the training ground of ordinary children, “you go, pick up the ball” is a simple instruction.For children like Binbin, this instruction is a complex program.Their brain is like a computer that runs a failure, which is difficult to analyze this code.

In the past seven years, the Green Bud Movement has only taught these “other coaches who are unwilling to teach.”

The stretching link after the green bud exercise class

Zhao Yong, the founder of Qingba Movement, is an amateur badminton coach. The teaching location is opposite to the special education school in Pudong New District, Shanghai.Occasionally, he taught a autistic child.He found that “this kind of child can teach and improve obvious.”A thought appeared in his mind. Can “body” education promote the development of “wisdom”?

In 2018, he tried to put this idea into practice.He did not accept it, and provided training for families with special needs for free.More and more special children’s families go to the Green Bud Movement.In 2022, more than 120 children were trained at the venue at the same time, and Zhao Yong and his team could not afford huge costs.Profit and commercial transformation are imminent. “If you want to serve more children, the sustainable model is essential.” Zhao Yong believes.They began to try their fees, but the pricing of more than ten yuan, and the price of thirty yuan was far from covering costs. The more children with green buds, the more serious the loss.

In July 2023, the Green Bud Movement was selected as the “Social Enterprise Assisting Plan to Plan for Training Camp”.Social enterprises provide support.The Green Bud Movement was selected as a growth social enterprise and received a funding of 100,000 yuan.At the same time, Standard Chartered Bank also provides one -year tracking and monitoring, and continues to pay attention to the growth of enterprises.

Not only is the Green Bud Movement, the Standard Chartered “Social Enterprise Assistment Plan” has been launched as early as 2021. More than 700 social enterprises receive the ability to build the project’s capacity building, and the high -potential social enterprises have obtained seed fund support.

With the help of Eunpai, Standard Chartered, and many social resources, the green buds gradually transformed into the central kitchen operation model.Property rights; the operation side is updating iteration.This new model can work with local rehabilitation institutions across the country to serve 10,000 children across the country.When the number of students exceeds 2,000, the profit and loss can be balanced, and sustainable development will also be possible.

The baffle placed during class is used to separate other venues and allow parents and students to quickly identify the green buds.

The Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference Committee collected and surveyed that there are more than 8 million special children 0-14 years old in my country, accounting for 2.67%of the total number of children.In other words, at least two special children per 100 children.On the contrary, special children’s education in the market is blank.

Facing the huge market demand, the green bud movement has sprung up in 7 cities, including Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Chongqing, Suzhou, Nantong, etc.There are 860 special children every week for training here.Its intellectual property rights fill the domestic gap. “In the process of serving more special needs for children and building corporate standards as industry standards, we believe that we can get more support.” Zhao Yong said.

Remember time pills

Standard Chartered Bank’s social enterprise assistance plan is a continuous assistance like spring rain, and funding is just one of them.In addition to the education of children’s special needs, technology companies, which are managed by the elderly, have also received help and support of Standard Chartered Public Welfare Project.A “medicine box that keeps time” in everyone’s strong technology came into being.

In a ordinary afternoon in 2014, the founder of everyone, Zeng Jing, received a call from his neighbor, and his grandmother was unbearable at home.After Zeng Jingzheng rushed home, he learned that his grandmother repeatedly took antihypertensive medicines.At this moment, he was deeply touched and thought about how to solve this universal and critical issue.

Zeng Jingzheng’s photo with Grandma

According to data from the National Bureau of Statistics, at the end of 2023, my country ’s population was 29.697 million years old and over, accounting for 21.1%of the country’s population, of which 21.676 million people were 65 and over, accounting for 15.4%of the national population.

Pension has become a problem that the entire society needs to face.Can you tell the elderly when to take medicine, which medicines, and whether they have taken medicine?This problem appeared in Zeng Jing’s mind.In 2017, he led the team to the pension industry and planned to develop a smart voice pill box.

However, it is not easy to really understand the needs of the elderly and think that what they think.This technical team with an average age of less than 30 wants to walk into the world of the elderly with “love and trust”. How can they ask questions and get the trust of the elderly.”It takes the initiative to show the initiative with the posture of the junior” is the experience of Zeng Jingzheng’s contact with the old people.

This team with an average age of less than 30 is looking for ways to communicate with the elderly.During a community survey, when the technical team asked the old people, “What is the battery life? Is the equipment sensitive?”, The old people interviewed often dazed.The young people of the team gradually transformed the problem into, “I like to charge once a day, or is it charged once every seven days?”When asked if they were satisfied with the product function, many elderly people were unwilling to express their true feelings, or they said “good” to everything out of their love for their juniors.

“Three and four times follow up the same customer and become friends with them.” Zeng Jingzheng said that in this way, you can understand the true thoughts of the elderly and their private feelings.

Despite the blood, their first creation team also encountered many crises.Internal shareholders ‘contracts, employees’ upper and lower management, the agreement of labor contracts, etc., they have done their own personnel. For those with lack of experience, unknown risks are also huge.Along the way, do they face countless bifurcations: whether the product is an outer or home?System or Apple?Which links do it yourself and what outsourcing?

“Actually, we also crossed the river by touching the stones, because my partner was younger than me.” Zeng Jingxiang said.Without a reference, in the crossroads of the fork, the company’s tone and mode are initially formed.

Everyone Zhuang Technology personally train community training products

This startup was like a crash of a boat, and it sailed slowly and encountered a crisis during the epidemic.The completed projects are not recovered. The new projects can only be discounted because of insufficient funds. Their ideas are limited again and again.Standard Chartered Social Enterprises help plans to fund them 100,000 yuan seed funds, give them the courage to try new functions, and practice the courage of new ideas, so that they can achieve online surveys during the epidemic period and obtain the trust of research objects on the Internet.It is precious that this help is not achieved overnight. After the funding is over, Standard Chartered Bank still follows the company’s growth.

For Standard Chartered Bank, it is also difficult to promote projects during the epidemic.”Many training, empowerment of acceleration camps, roadshows and competitions cannot be carried out.” Wang Yunfeng, deputy director of Standard Chartered China Community Relations and Development, said that they tried to make up for the lack of offline communication with technical means, and through online activities and community communicationContinue to provide support for the beneficiary, and it is also rare to establish a difficult period with many supporting young people and entrepreneurs.The connection with social enterprises is like a kind of mutual assistance to let good faith pass.

“They are willing to provide us with a platform and let us continue to move forward. This is a rare opportunity.” Zeng Jingxiang said.

Now, Zeng Jing’s grandmother relies on this smart voice pill every day.The background data of the product shows that the use of product activity can reach about 50%, and the correct medication rate reaches 89%.Everyone has more than 90,000 elderly people, nearly 100 pension institutions, more than 10 countries and regions around the world, and has held more than 100 public welfare activities.

The disabled person incorporates the dreamer of society

In addition to providing funds and assistance to contact, Standard Chartered Bank also played its own industry advantages, mobilizing employees’ professional expertise to provide business consultants volunteers for entrepreneurial youth, and organically combined global issues, bank professional expertise, and Chinese local needs.Education, entrepreneurship, and employment are all areas of attention for Standard Chartered Future Makers project.The employment of disabled people committed by Dream Technology is also supported by Standard Chartered Bank.

Xiong Hongxia, the founder of Yuanmeng Technology, once the biggest hobby was “eating, drinking, fun”, but after encountering the disabled, her destiny had an inflection point.”I felt that I couldn’t go back after contacting them.” Xiong Hongxia said that helping them have become a heavy responsibility in her heart.She laughed and said that she was “to be repaid sooner or later.” In order to work in the education education, he deeply cultivated the social enterprise field for several years.

This is the tenth year of her career related to disabled people.She wants to transform her front -line work experience into theory. At present, they have set up two barrier -free tourism industry standards and four local standards.

The story began in 2014. Xiong Hongxia, who was engaged in the tourism industry, received the help of disabled friends, and they wanted to travel to Jiuzhaigou.A stone aroused thousands of waves, and many disabled friends found her one after another, hoping that she could help organize travel.At that time, Xiong Hongxia was keenly aware that “public welfare cannot be only relying on feelings and love”, and she began to seek business models to solve problems.In the same year, she joined for more than 100 travel agencies to form the China Disabled Persons Tourism Alliance and hosted the country’s first barrier -free tourism development forum.

Xiong Hongxia and friends

According to data released by the National Bureau of Statistics, as of the end of 2022, the total number of disabled people in China was 85.914 million, accounting for 6.16%of the total population.Among the urban disabled people in the country, the disabled people in the industry are 2.97 million, and the disabled people who are not in the industry are 4.7 million.Among the rural disabled population, 3.19 million people enjoyed the minimum living security of local residents.Their employment and society are still difficult.

Many companies know that Xiong Hongxia is engaged in disability -related cause, hoping that she recommends some disabled people to apply.What confused her was that the 38 disabled people she recommended, two months later, only seven people were still on their duties.After investigating, she found that helping people with disabled are far from being imagined.

The cooperation and efforts of the three parties of the disabled, the company, and the employment consultant are indispensable.In terms of communication and skills, the employment of the disabled encountered many obstacles.Many employees of the enterprise do not know them and do not know how to be close. A friendly movement of the disabled may be regarded by employees as a sign of violence.The psychological counselors of the disabled employment are also very high. “One or two contacts are not necessarily enough, and it is difficult to really reach their real needs ten times and twenty times,” said Xiong Hongxia.

“We paid 80%of the emotions and funds, but may not reach 20%of the influence.” Xiong Hongxia also faced huge psychological pressure in assisting the disabled person’s employment.EssenceThe idea of helping the disabled has become a responsibility in her heart, “they are too difficult to help them.”But she has never been engaged in human resources related work. She feels that she must do it, and she is afraid of not doing well.

When she doubted herself and fought hard, the funding from Standard Chartered Social Enterprises was “like a beam of light.”The project not only provides funds, but also carries out various community activities and communication actions to help her connect with more peers and supporters, and have the opportunity to coordinate more resources.This “sending charcoal in the snow” relieved her a lot of pressure.

“I don’t think I am a solitary fighting.” Xiong Hongxia said. This support is like a heart -stitched heart, giving her confidence to solve the problem.

The coordination of human resources of the “small and beautiful” disabled by Dream Technology coordinated with the concept of Standard Chartered Bank.Future Macape’s project influence of FutureMakers is the influence of specific beneficiaries, in -depth and long -term enterprises, not simply pursuing the number of beneficiary groups.

Social enterprise representatives participated in FUTUREMAKERS Public Welfare Training

Like a line, Dream Technology has aggregated the resources of the disabled, caring enterprises, social workers, government and other resources to provide personalized help to the disabled.The wish of a heavy disabled friend was “going downstairs every month to bask in the sun”, and Dream Technology contacted professional volunteers and memorized him.Multi -disabled families hope to give them a volunteer every month so that they can rest for one day to play mahjong. “For parents, this is an asthma service.”In her own company, the figures of disabled employees are not uncommon.The more sensitive listeners operate the “silent coffee” here; the autistic parents accompanied by the rehabilitation center are here as the inner diligence and cashier work.

This is a huge change from tourism to employment, the last most difficult integration, “but it may change the fate of a generation or even several generations,” Xiong Hongxia said.

From the recovery of children’s special needs to helping the elderly, to travel and employment of disabled people, these three social companies are like buds and grow slowly in the wind and rain.The funding of Standard Chartered Bank has the motivation and courage to continue to advance.

Standard Chartered FutureMakers Future Maker Project group photo

Future Maker project will be entrusted to the younger generation in the future to help them realize their dreams and promote the entrepreneurial innovation of young people.Since 2019, FutureMakers has successively launched a series of projects such as “Future Entrepreneurs”, “College Student Employment Plan”, “Social Enterprise Support Plan”, and “Young Employment and Entrepreneurship Cultivation” and other series of projects. As of the end of 2023, 20,500 social enterprises founders and its core teamsMembers are helped in the support plan of social enterprises; in the future, entrepreneurs provide training, acceleration and competition opportunities for 2,850 college students and young people who are interested in social innovation and entrepreneurship; more primary and secondary schools have received financial business and economic aspectsCourse guidance.

Children, elderly people who need medication, disabled people … In the corner of society, the dilemma of fragile groups needs to be s

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