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Finance and Economics · Observation 丨 "Variety Economy" drives the spring tide in the cultural tourism market

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, March 26th. Question: “Economy of Flowers” drives the spring tide in the cultural tourism market

Xinhua News Agency reporters Yu Yan, Yang Shujun, Huang Kaiying

Magnolia on the streets of Chang’an Street, the first exhibition of the lilacs of the millennium ancient temple, the cherry blossoms on the banks of the East Lake, and the Nanning Yellow Flower Feng Suzuki in Guangxi bloomed … The spring breeze passed, and the flowers all over the country were like brilliant.People walked into the park and the countryside to enjoy the flowers.

Gorgeous “Flower Sea” with fire city flowers

In March, Wuhan was bright and bright, and over 500,000 cherry trees rendered the two rivers and four banks into pink flower sea.In Wuhan Donghu Sakura Garden, tourists stroll along the lake bank and the air plank road, immersed in the cherry blossom world of like smoke, carved paper -cutting, Baihua opera, “skirt feast” and other marching performances.

Visitors took pictures in Donghu Sakura Garden.Xinhua News Agency reporter Wu Zhizun Photo

Hubei has launched the “Meeting Spring Cherry Blossoms” brand activity for three consecutive years to create a terrain of the destination of flowers tourism.At the beginning of this year’s flower season, Hubei issued 2 million cultural brigades to tourists across the country, and drove more than 220 activities in 17 cities and prefectures in the province.Wuhan City launched the “Ten Main Routes in Wuhan in the Spring Tour”, holding the four “romantic Wuhan” series of cultural tourism activities: flowers, national style, art and literature, and outing.

The spring flowers are full of charming, covering the ancient trees and ancient buildings, which constitute the gorgeous and beautiful scenery of Spring and Beijing.In Yuyuantan Park in Beijing, more than 40 varieties of nearly 3,000 cherry blossoms. Due to the different varieties, it can last for a month.

“I have taken the cherry blossoms for more than 20 years, and I come here every year.” Zhao Yanxi, a 76 -year -old Beijing citizen, holds the camera and records the beauty in front of him.He told reporters that “chasing flowers” in major parks in Beijing all year round is both exercise and a spiritual relaxation.

In the Fengxiu Mountain Scenic Area in Nanning City, Guangxi, the clouds and flowers, the beads are surrounded by green, and the tourists who enjoy the flowers are endless.”The adaptation of flowers and Hanfu is high.” Pan Xu, the person in charge of the event planning of Guangxi Wuai Traditional Culture Communication Co., Ltd., who runs Hanfu related business activities, said that the company’s “flower viewing season” in March “flowers” and “Hua Chao Festival” and so onThe theme activities have achieved good results.

The large number of yellow flowers Fengfeng Suzuki in Qingxiu Mountain Scenic Area in Nanning ushered in the flowering period.(Photo by Huang Jinqi)

Since March, the popularity of flowers in many places has risen, and the fusion formats such as “flower viewing+camping”, “flower viewing+market”, “flower appreciation+sports” have continued to heat up.According to the data of tourism platforms, the “flower viewing” search heat has increased by 330%from the previous week, and the average number of tickets for the votes of the flower viewing scenic spot increased by nearly 50%year -on -year;; Many popular platforms on the number of travel auctions increase.

“Flower appreciation+” Nongwen Travel Integration and colorful rural revitalization

In the spring day, more than 700 yellow flowers and wind Suzuki in Yinglie Village, Ningwu Town, Ningwu Town, Nanning City, Guangxi, are open to open, just like the bright golden golden yellow, splashing in the landscape of the mountains.

“In recent years, Huanghua Fengfeng Suzuki has become the net red flower of ‘brushing the screen’. I deliberately wore Hanfu to check in. The photos have gained the likes of friends.” Said Liang Fang, a citizen of Nanning.

Lu Meixiang, secretary of the Party Branch of Yinglie Village, introduced that the nursery planting company was introduced in the village three years ago and rented villagers for the cultivation of villagers’ land for yellow flowers and wind. Now this forest has begun to take shape.”The roads in the village have been repaired, and the traffic is convenient. The citizens around them like to drive to enjoy the flowers, which has driven the tourism development in the village.” Lu Meixiang said.

Since entering the spring, relying on the advantages of ecological resources in many places, it has created a “flower -viewing economy” characteristic brand, deepening the coordinated development of agriculture, cultural travel, and helping rural revitalization.

Peach Blossom Festival, Shangxian Town.(Photograph of Zhou Keyi)

Entering Suizhou Town, Suizhou City, Hubei Province, I saw more than 60,000 acres of peach blossoms more than 10 kilometers in a row here.Recently organized Taohua Festival with hot rural tourism.

Suixianxian Town has been planting peach trees on a large scale since the 1990s. After more than 30 years, it has been carefully cultivated. During the flower viewing season in recent years, more than 300,000 tourists who came to watch each year have driven the comprehensive tourism income of exceeding 30 millionYuan.

Han Minchun, a professor at the School of Economics of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, said that some rural areas created “flower viewing+” agricultural and cultural tourism integration activities, making it a new scenario for people’s exchange culture and consumption preferences, and strongly drive local catering, accommodation, tourism, transportation and other services.Rapid growth.

Innovate “tricks” stimulate the vitality of urban and rural cultural tourism consumption

In addition to watching flowers and enjoying the scenery, rich and diverse cultural and innovative products have also attracted the attention of tourists.Sakura ice cream, cherry blossom refrigerator stickers, cherry blossom handbags … The “Sakura Shop” in Yuyuantan Park makes tourists hit with spring.”The color of the powder is very spring.” After the Guangzhou tourist Luo Qiuzhu tasted the latest cherry ice cream, he chose cherry bracelets, badges and other products.

On March 19, tourists “check in” dessert shops in Yuyuantan Park, Beijing.Xinhua News Agency reporter Yang Shujun, Yang Shujun

Guo Xin, director of the Cultural and Creative Operation Center of Yuyuan Tan Park Management Office, said that starting in early March, the park launched the theme series of the “One Bite of Yuyuan Tan” to meet the dual needs of young consumers for the value and taste buds of young consumers.The park also creates a cherry -themed catering area in the west side of Nanshan Guan Sakura Scenic Area, allowing tourists to experience the dining atmosphere of the lake view of “Linking Water Various Flowers, Cozy Food”.

“Our flower planting and layout have been screened by big data.” Zhang Lei, deputy general manager of Nanning Qingxiu Mountain Scenic Tourism Development Co., Ltd., introduced that the scenic area uses big data to analyze the preferences of flower viewing tourists.The landscape, while actively promoting scientific research, regulating and extending the flowering period.As of now, the number of tourists has received more than 3 million tourists this year.

“I heard that Huabohui launched a new night tour this year. There are 100 wonderful performances. I am looking forward to it.” Said Ms. Jiang from Yichang.

The Huabao Hui seas of Huahai is fully blooming.(Photo Conferring in Huabohui Scenic Area)

In Wuhan’s popular destination of flowers in Wuhan, thousands of acres of flowers have been fully blooming.Nearly 10,000 pink cherry trees, with millions of tulips, and daisy, foreign aquarium, violet, and so on, showing tourists as beautiful and colorful.The scenic area launched the immersive night tour project “Conscanium Flower Moon Night” in March, combining natural landscapes, artistic performances and scientific and technological methods, allowing tourists to experience the flower -viewing cultural feast all over the weather.

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, March 26th. Question: “Economy of Flowers” drives the spring tide in the cultural tourism marketXinhua News Ag

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