Yantai Psychological Rehabilitation Hospital carried out "World Sleep Day" Health Clinic

  March 21 is the 24th “World Sleep Day”. This year’s theme is “Sharing of Healthy Sleep.”In order to popularize the knowledge of sleep and health of the whole people and promote the public’s attention to sleep health, the Yantai Psychological Rehabilitation Hospital and the Health and Health Bureau of Laoshan District were carried out on the streets of the Laishan District Ginza Mall.

  At the event site, there was a continuous stream of citizens who came to consult. Sleep experts at the Psychological Rehabilitation Hospital of Yantai City patiently answered various sleep questions for the masses and promoted sleep health knowledge.Guide everyone how to correctly evaluate their sleep quality.Other nursing staff of the free clinic service team conducted free medical examinations for the citizens at the scene, issued psychological health publicity materials, and carried out health science on scientific medical treatment and reasonable medication.

  A total of more than 60 sleep disorders received more than 60 sleep disorders, more than 100 health check -ups, nearly 60 sleep evaluation tables, nearly 200 mental health promotion materials, free clinic activities met the health needs of the masses, and were well received by citizens at the scene.

  ”Sleep disorders are a type of disease that seriously endangers physical and mental health. It has a variety of manifestations. Commonly includes insomnia disorders, seizures, sleep respiratory disorders, rapid eye movement sleep disorder (sleeping), uneasy leg syndrome syndromeWait, sleep disorders will not only have a serious impact on people’s physical health and daily life, but also increase the incidence of psychological diseases such as anxiety and depression. “Yu Shengpei, a sleeping expert and deputy director of the medical department of Yantai Psychological Rehabilitation Hospital, said that for sleepIn the treatment of obstacles, doctors will formulate personalized treatment plans based on the specific situation of the patient, including cognitive behavior treatment, drug treatment, physical therapy, etc.Cognitive behavior treatment can help patients adjust their mentality and behavior habits, and establish good sleep rhythm and sleep motivation, thereby improving sleep quality.Drug treatment can relieve symptoms, but it needs to be performed under the guidance of a doctor to avoid abuse or dependence.

March 21 is the 24th “World Sleep Day”. This year’s theme is “Sharing of Healthy Sleep.”In order to popularize the knowledge of sleep and h