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Take the "Spring Wind" of Education Shanhai Covision

In recent years, Yanping District, Nanping City, and Siming District, Xiamen City, and Xiuyu District, Putian City have carried out educational mountains and sea cooperation, and sent high -quality educational resources to the door of the children’s house of Shancheng ——

Take the “Spring Wind” of Education Shanhai Covision

Southeast Network News (Fujian Daily reporter permits Xin Ping Yu Peiyang)

Teachers in Xiamen betel nut primary school taught at the first grade of Kaiyuan Experimental School.(Photo Conferring in the Education Bureau of Yanping District)

Students from Yanping District visited Xiamen University Biology Museum.(Photo Conferring in the Education Bureau of Yanping District)

“I walked into my” Dream School “Xiamen University, and experienced the beautiful campus scenery of the well -known institutions of higher education institutions on the spot and the learning atmosphere and academic heritage from the inside out.”Recently, the” Shan Hai Jie · Xia Xia You has appointments “2024 Yanyan District, Fujian · Xiamen Famous School Inspirational Research Activities, which were participated in 2024 Yanping District.Yu Yingxiang, one of the participants and the students of Nanping Third Middle School, admitted that he was full.

This research activity is a microcosm of educational assistance in Yanping District and the coastal areas in the province in recent years.Carry out mountain -sea collaboration in the field of education, so that students in mountainous areas to take the “spring breeze” of educational reform, and enjoy high -quality educational resources at their doorsteps.

School cooperation brings advanced concepts

In 2023, Xiuyu District Experimental Primary School in Putian City, Zhengrong Primary School in Yanping District, Yuying Middle School of Xiuyu District and Nanping Jianxi School signed a contract to form an inter -school counterpart assistance school;Established a cooperative relationship with the Kaiyuan Experimental School of Yanping District.According to reports, several primary and secondary schools in Yanping District are non -high -quality schools, and some have just been established. Some students are mainly residents of urban and rural junctions for a long time.

“Shancheng children are generally difficult to learn from mathematics, English and other disciplines. In September last year, the backbone teachers and subject leaders of Xiamen Checa Primary School and betel nut Middle School came to our school first, bringing the advanced teaching concepts of the SAR.” Yanping Ping Ping.Chen Jinmei, the head of the Academic Affairs Office of the District Kaiyuan Experimental School.

Among them, Teacher Cai Jianhua, Teacher Cai Jianhua, betel nuts, gave a seventh -grade lecture on seventh grade, emphasizing that mathematics and life are closely linked. We must pay attention to cultivating mathematical thinking and use mathematics in life.This gave the teachers and students of the Kaiyuan Experimental School very inspired, and teachers in other schools in the district also came to listen.

In December last year, Yuying Middle School of Xiuyu District also sent teachers to Jianxi School in Nanping City to teach the teaching experience of mathematics and English disciplines in the form of public classes and lectures.Yu Qingrong, the vice president of Jianxi School, recalled that he was most impressed by the various skills of Putian teacher attracting students’ attention and mobilizing the enthusiasm of the classroom.

Zhang Zhixiong, director of the Education Bureau of Yanping District, said that he hopes that through the “test water” cooperation with the three schools of the coastal schools, the three “door” schools will be held into high -quality schools, so as to play a leading role in the district, so that Shancheng will have moreHigh -quality schools improve the weak links of local education.

Pass the teaching belt to improve the quality of teaching

A new school sets up the first place in the region -such incredible, which occurs in the class of the seventh grade morality and young teacher Wu Liyan in the Kaiyuan Experimental School in Yanping District.She said that this is due to the “pair of teachers’ pair” model jointly carried out by Kaiyuan Experimental School and Betel Na Middle School, and “took the scriptures” to Xiamen’s outstanding teachers.

There is also a bit of assistance between the teachers.”In October last year, Teacher Zheng Fang from the betel nut Middle School signed an online contract and officially formed a teacher -apprentice relationship.” Wu Liyan said, “For the puzzles in teaching, I often teach to Master.The font size of the courseware is to highlight the key content; it will help me sort out the logical ideas of the lecture and answer questions about the difficulties of difficulties; while sharing the teaching resources of the discipline, I will also guide me to find new teaching materials through social platforms. “

In November last year, Wu Liyan went to betel nut Middle School for exchanges.Under the arrangement of Teacher Zheng Fang, she listened to the morals and classes of 4 different teachers in four consecutive sections, and participated in collective lessons, teaching and research activities and quality analysis.Wu Liyan told reporters that before her teaching was based on teaching textbook knowledge points. After online and offline “scoring the scriptures”, she also made corresponding adjustments to the teaching methods.

“Now, I will pay attention to the case of phenomena that the children care about to make the class’ work., Make PPT, sharing about current affairs news before class, to improve their ability to observe, do, and speak. “Wu Liyan said.

Open the horizons and promote comprehensive development

“There is no score to win the test exam; only scores, and they can’t win the big test of life. Carrying out the education of educating mountains and seafares. In addition to improving the quality of teaching, it is still committed to enabling the children of the mountains to develop in an all -round way.” Zhang Zhixiong said.

Wu Libin, the principal of Zhengrong Elementary School in Yanping District, told reporters that the students of the school were mainly migrant workers into children.Due to the impact of the growth environment, most students in the school lack the ability to express writing.

“In December last year, Teacher Yao Xiuping, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Experimental Primary School of Xiuyu District, led a team to our school to teach the teaching practice of ‘plastic roots’ work’.”Ability.” Wu Libin saw that many rural children became happy to express, and writing also realized the change of nothing.

In the 2024 Yanping District Outstanding Student Fujian · Xiamen Prefecture Inspirational Research Activities, students visited the museums such as the Lu Xun Memorial Hall, the Human Museum, and the Biological Museum of Xiamen University.history.The organizer also arranged for the outstanding student representatives of Xiamen University to share the experience of growing up and studying for Yanping students.

“A senior spent three years, and finally successfully obtained Dr. Xiamen University. His experience made me understand that if you do anything, you must have a persistent spirit.” Said Wei Dian, a student of Nanping 9th Middle School.

“Through this research activity, I also learned that the widespread prospects of high -end new materials have opened up the new ideas of future academic and career.” Yu Yingxiang said that such an educational experience is also precious for students in mountainous areas.Essence

In recent years, Yanping District, Nanping City, and Siming District, Xiamen City, and Xiuyu District, Putian City have carried out educati

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