Spring equinox seasons to prevent "unsatisfactory illness": adding clothing with a degree of exercise, suitable diet to reduce acid and increase sweetness

Children experience the spring equinox.Xinhua News Agency

Today is the spring equinox solar terms.The spring equinox is the most “neutral” solar terms in the year, the balance of yin and yang, and also a good time for raising the body in the year.However, the weather status of this season is unstable, and the temperature in the morning and evening is low, which is likely to induce the diseases of the elderly weak and the patients with vulnerable patients.Experts remind that people should pay attention to the following matters for a long time in the state of high -intensity working state and high pressure.

Clothing: increase or decrease degrees, keep your feet warm

“After the spring equinox, the weather is getting warmer, but there will still be a cold current.” Lu Dingbo, chief physician of the Second Department of Hospital of Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, once pointed out that at this time, pay special attention to the increase or decrease of clothes at any time. Pay attention to your lower limbs and feet to keep warm.Essence

Spring equinox health should conform to the characteristics of the beginning of all things, focusing on the natural laws of “life, ascension”.In terms of mental support, to be calm, maintain a relaxed and optimistic emotion, and avoid great joy and sorrow, and emotional fluctuations.

Living: Go to bed early and get up early, take a bit of a nap properly

The Guizhou Provincial Health and Health Commission reminds that the spring equinox will become longer during the day, and the night time will become shorter. Going up early and getting up early to ensure sufficient sleep, which is conducive to stability of blood pressure and heart health.

Spring temperature rises, blood circulation is accelerating, and the supply of blood and oxygen in the brain is relatively reduced. People will feel sleepy. This is the general reason for the phenomenon of spring difficulties.To relieve the spring difficulties, the time is appropriate for a while, and the time is best controlled for about 30 minutes.

Exercise: Appropriate amount, improve metabolism

“Spring, which belongs to wood in the five elements, corresponds to the liver in the five internal organs of the human body, and the characteristics of the liver are promoted and evacuated, that is, the initiative.” Li Fangling, chief physician of the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Beijing Elderly Hospital, pointed out that life lies in exercise. Moderate exercise can improve the body’s metabolism.Enhance or maintain the dirty organs.

Li Fangling reminded that the appropriate amount of exercise should be the muscle soreness caused by each training basically disappear within 24 hours; the training of increasing joint flexibility should be completely eliminated within a few hours of ligament discomfort.

Diet: Reduce acidity and sweetness, strengthen the spleen and dampness

“Try to be diverse as much as possible in the meal match.” Guo Yan, a Chinese medicine physician of the Chinese Medicine Department of Southeast University, reminded that the liver qi in spring is strong, and the rainwater of the spring equinox is getting more rainwater, the moisture gradually increases, and the spleen and stomach can easily damage the spleen and stomach.”Reduce acid reduction” and “spleen and dampness”, that is, eat more sweet and spleen foods, such as jujube, barley, and coriander.

[Shire recipe]

Stir -fry spinach

After washing spinach, dry the water and cut it for later use; the oil in the pot is burned to 80 % of the heat, add garlic slices and a small amount of millet spicy fragrance; fry the high heat for 30-60 seconds, wait for the spinach to shrink slightly;A little MSG, which tastes more delicious.

Spinach is known as “the first green in spring”, and some people joked that it was “Spring waves”.Spring spinach has the softer taste, good taste, rich nutritional value, rich in iron, vitamin C, calcium and other trace elements, which will help supplement the human trace elements.

Asparagus fried egg

Prepare an appropriate amount of asparagus. After cleaning, scrape the rough rear half of the skin and cut it into sections for later use; the eggs are dispersed, the oil is 40 % hot, and the egg liquid is fixed with chopsticks.After the oil is hot, pour the asparagus, and fry it quickly in the middle of the high heat. Add an appropriate amount of salt and MSG to season. There is no need for the seasoning. Pour the eggs and stir fry a few times.

Asparagus is known as the “king of vegetables” in spring. It is rich in vitamin B, vitamin A, and trace elements such as folic acid and iron. It also has various amino acids necessary for the human body, which has the effects of clearing heat and moisturizing the lung meridian.

Beijing News reporter Zhang Zhaohui

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Children experience the spring equinox.Xinhua News AgencyToday is the spring equinox solar terms.The spring equinox is the most “neutral” solar terms in the year