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Shuhua Sports will appear in the results of the innovation of scientific sports at 2024 China Sports Expo

The 41st China International Sports Products Expo will be held on May 23-26 in the Western International Expo City, China Western International Expo City.At that time, as a supplier of the official fitness equipment of the Olympic Committee of the Olympic Committee, Shuhua Sports will bring family fitness, commercial fitness, national fitness, physical training, Kangyang fitness, campus sports and other scenarios to debut the exhibition to display the leading innovation results of scientific sports.”

According to the relevant person in charge of Shuhua Sports, this exhibition, Shuhua Sports mainly focused on the theme of the “scientific sports service provider”.The fitness service display area aims to present the deep brand connotation and excellent product strength of Shuhua Sports.

Highlight 1: New sector! New debut of sports health promotion center

One of the highlights of this exhibition is Shu Hua Sports’s new “Sports Health Promotion Center”.The center is closely focused on the national “14th Five -Year Plan” sports development plan, combined with the “pilot pilot pilot” work and “physical testing and sports fitness guide station” project, as well as the “National Sports Prescription Studio Library” construction project undertaken by the Chinese Society of Sports Sciences.Follow the closed -loop model of “testing, evaluation, guidance, training, and health” to follow the health promotion of sports health.

At the exhibition site, the center area was mainly divided into sports health promotion zones, outdoor sports areas, and competitive physical fitness areas. It shows the leading technology and services of Shuhua Sports in the field of sports health and commercial fitness, health and fitness, and competitive function.

Highlight two: Shuhua Fitness 1+1+1 New mode fitness experience and upgrade

In addition to sports promoting health centers, Shuhua Sports also shows fitness service business. “Shuhua Fitness” perfectly integrates fitness equipment sales, scientific fitness services, and corporate health management to innovate and create a “1+1+1” chain model.The new model is based on Shuhua fitness self -developed small classes, new concepts, customer drainage, customized private teaching new products to eliminate courses, and then use the new model of equipment sales to set up monetization and increase the new service of enterprise health services.Fitness service platforms, constantly upgrade users’ fitness experience.The Shuhua fitness chain is currently joining hot.

Highlight 3: Science and technology boutique debut tailor -made exclusive sports prescriptions

During the exhibition, Shuhua Sports will bring a number of Olympic quality products and solutions with its excellent brand strength, and show the Olympic culture, bringing unprecedented fitness experience and visual experience to the majority of fitness enthusiasts.

Among them, Shuhua 88 and 89 series of high -end power trainers, newly upgraded speed power feedback systems, and i5 smart home treadmill release will undoubtedly become a highlight.Shuhua i5 smart home treadmill is implanted with advanced motion prescription algorithms. It can customize exclusive exercise prescriptions for each user through identification and ability testing of different users to accurately improve users’ sports capabilities.

Over the years, Shuhua Sports has always adhered to user -centric product development and services in product research and development, integrating the design concept of ergonomic engineering, and developing a variety of sports models, scientific sports guidance courses, intelligent monitoring systems, etc., making fitness more intelligent,personalise.According to the relevant person in charge of Shuhua, during the Paris Olympics, Shuhua Sports products will also settle in the scene to provide professional training equipment and service guarantees for the Chinese Sports delegation to fight the Olympic Games.

It is worth mentioning that, in addition to the display of the innovation results of the on -site scientific movement, it can experience the “black technology” products that integrate into the mass fitness lifestyle.Shuhua Sports will also use VR online and offline photography and punching activities to achieve two -way interaction online and offline with the public.On May 23-26, let us meet Rongcheng and talk about the new development of the sports industry!

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