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Ren Ren Ren | Quantum empowering crops?The road to cut off pseudo -science "go to the countryside"

In the spring plowing season, the so -called “quantum empowering crops” are quite popular in some areas.Some merchants claim that the seeds are put into the cabin to “empower”, and the crops can increase yield and income, resistance to diseases.Other providing remote services, indicating that “empowerment” with seed photos has the same effect.These merchants’ “quantum entanglement” closed “energy waves”, which makes people feel unpredictable and seem to understand. Many farmers are flickering.

The so -called quantum physics is actually a more micro -level study such as physicists in a more micro -level study, and found that the classic physics theory cannot explain some phenomena, and then the new physical branch.Quantum -related applications only appear in micro and harsh environments, and the action time is very short.In short, if it is not a professional scientific researcher, the majority of the areas of quantum applications will not be able to encounter in this life.At present, the incident is still under investigation, but it is certain that the growth of crops grows and is not related to quantum physics.

“If you are in trouble, quantum mechanics”, this network thermal stalk has been used to play the concept of “quantum” concepts by joke science fiction authors when he encounters creative bottlenecks.However, in reality, there are people with ingenuity. People with ingenuity also frequently use this type of banner to make commercial marketing. From the “quantum high god stick” that can save power quickly, to the “graphene underwear” that eternal youth, to the rich hydrogen rich, to the rich hydrogen -richThe “nano water cup” of oxygen is different.Some people have high health expectations and are often willing to pay for these so -called high -tech.And these pseudo -scientific products under these high -tech guys often choose the fields of a longer return cycle. When the parties find that the goods are not right, most of them are too late.

Scientific and technological progress is the power source of the development of the times, but the premise is the real guy.A large number of “fake” products have become popular in the market, especially rural markets, and there are multiple reasons.On the one hand, science popularization resources are unevenly distributed between urban and rural and different ages. Some merchants have repeatedly “refined” routine and used to try it repeatedly in farmers and the elderly.On the other hand, the algorithms of platforms such as short videos are also promoting the “circle dissemination” of such products.Someone and friends have a praise, and everyone else in the circle will receive the same recommendation.

To rectify the “scammers go to the countryside”, it is necessary to make up for the shortcomings of the market supervision and strengthen the impact of reporting. The communication platform should also improve the identification and interception capacity to avoid pseudo -scientific advertising.Of course, more fundamental is to improve popular scientific literacy.Especially for the disadvantaged groups of popular science, we must have the tilt and the strength of the publicity, and guide more people to ask “why” when facing these products that are mysterious.

The obstacles encountered on the road of science are not superstitious, but a lathable pseudo -scientific science.Relevant departments must not only build a “fence” for the public, but also help you develop “wisdom eyes”.This “immunity” will be the best amulet.

Source Beijing Daily Client | Intern Jiang Mingxuan

Edit Cui Wenjia

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