Release the new scene of sports, the Chengdu World Games ushered in 500 days of countdown

  Introduction to experience projects such as tug of interest was held at the event site.

  On March 24, on the occasion of 500 days of the countdown of the Chengdu World Games, the “Challenge Market” theme event was held in Longquan Mountain City Forest Park in the March of the “World Games New December City” series of activities.The 500 experience officials treated the Spring Mountains, gathered in the “Eye of the City”, and jointly presented the LOGO dual “U” of the World Games.

  4674 -bit directed enthusiasts register

  It is understood that the directional movement originated in Sweden. It is an outdoor sports that athletes rely on maps and north needles to find and reach multiple checkpoints within a limited time. They officially joined the World Games in 2021.The competition attracted 4,674 orientation sports enthusiasts from all over the world to sign up. After the shaking number, 500 orientation experience officers were finally generated. This is also the largest event since the World Games New December City.The person in charge of the event stated that the “challenge the market” in Danjingtai in Danjingtai allows more citizens to experience the charm of Longquan Mountain City Forest Park and feel spring Chengdu.

  In the early morning of the 24th, the directional experience officer Yang Qiao took her daughter to walk on the Danjingtai trail.Yang Qiao said that spring is here, and every weekend, the family will feel natural in the major “natural oxygen bar” in Chengdu.

  This activity combined with the traditional customs of spring on the spring, and incorporated experience projects such as kite, throwing balls, lotus balls, Cuju, and fun tug of war, so that Yang Qiao’s daughter was lingering.Also attracted Lin Lin, who lives near Dantai.”Seeing a lot of people playing here, come here to experience it.” In less than 10 minutes, Lin Lin’s forehead had appeared fine sweat.

  Together with the World Games logo

  ”Refers to cards, vests, number plates, GPS, now there is a feeling of going to the jungle adventure.” After wearing the vest for her daughter in the inspection area, Yang Qiao started to study the map with her husband. “We can complete this road to completeAll punch cards. “

  As the Volkswagen Men’s group took the lead in rushing out of the starting line, the hiking orientation experience match officially kicked off.The game of the Volkswagen Girls Group, Youth Experience Group, and Parent -Child Fun Group also launched in turn.Xin Yunqi, a fifth -year student of Luhu Elementary School, came to the competition with his father, and soon completed five punching points.

  Chen Wanwan is a sports blogger. This is her first contact with directional hiking. “Two hours and 36 points, not only testing endurance, but also testing the ability to identify and choose the map. It is very interesting!”

  ”With the increase of various events, more and more people experienced outdoor sports in nature and become a new lifestyle for Chengdu people.” Deng WeiSaid, “The previous relatively niche movement can make more people ignite the enthusiasm of the movement and increase the understanding of the World Games.”

  After two hours of experience, the 500 experience officers eventually gathered in the “Eye of the City” to jointly present the word “U” of the World Games LOGO, and shouted “Infinite Chengdu of the World Games”, which is the “doubles of Chengdu.U City “Call.

  Relying on the release of new scenes of sports on the World Games

  The theme of the “Challenge the City” in March of the World Games New December allows citizens to enjoy the tide in the city of mountains and rivers.This is one of the main hosts of the World Games. Standing from the “eyes of the city” overlooking, the vast mountains and green plants show a scroll of spring.In the past, the Longquan Mountains have always been the “Jieshan” that blocks people’s exchanges. Now that it has developed with Chengdu and Chongqing, “Jieshan” has become “Jingshan”, creating a happy life scene at the door for citizens.

  From the hot circle of Sanyu Mengli Culture Village, to the light flowing lights of Sancha Lake, to the sweet sharing of the cherry picking season … attracting many tourists to experience and activated the potential of urban development. This is the same as the World Games.The characteristics of “tide play” are highly fit.Relying on the World Games, the cultural tourism project with ecological empowerment releases new scenes of sports and promote the integration of cultural tourism and physical fitness.

  2024 Chengdu World Garden will also open here.Citizens will deeply feel the changes brought about organizing the organic renewal of the World Garden and the World Games and the creation of life scenes. Chengdu continuesFresh fashion infiltrate citizens’ lives.

  In recent years, Chengdu has held the World Table Tennis Championships, the Universiade, and the International Table Tennis Federation Hybrid Group World Cup, and actively organizes major international competitions such as the Tangyou Cup, the World Games, and the World Championships.Earlier this month, the Centennial Executive Committee Meeting of the International Sports Journalists Association was held in Chengdu.As the vice chairman of the International Sports Journalists Association, Zusana Sisiztu said, “Chengdu has excellently completed the Grand Games event, and next year’s World Games will definitely be more exciting.”

  From the “Golden Organization City” and “Excellent Contribution City” favored by the International Sports Organization, to the eighth in the world on the list of global sports capitals.Modernization of thousands of weather.

Introduction to experience projects such as tug of interest was held at the event site.On March 24, on the occa