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"Guofeng New Rhyme" Chinese clothes appeared at 2024 Cannes Fashion Ceremony, stunning the audience

Guangzhou Yunzhao Han and Tang Dynasties will bring its unique Chinese service “National Wind New Rhyme” series at the fashion culture ceremony held in Cannes, France on April 21.This event aims to promote glorious glory in the integration of world diversified culture, aggregate high -quality Sino -French fashion resources, combined with Chinese fashion creative power, with the goal of sustainable development of Chinese fashion industry, to promote more Chinese designer and model trendsThe international stage, with the source of the global fashion industry, France, to discover new opportunities for the fashion industry.It is not only an important platform for the exchange of cultural exchanges between China and France, but also a stage for Guangzhou Yunzhao Han and Tang dynasties to show its deep cultural heritage and forward -looking vision.

On April 21, at the 2024 Cannes Fashion Ceremony, French local leaders held a grand welcome ceremony for China and his party.”The series of Chinese clothes became the focus of attention.

“Guofeng Xinyun”, as one of the core product series of the brand, is not only a clothing, but also a cultural phenomenon.This series combines traditional Chinese ancient rhyme Hanfu culture with modern aesthetics to build a unique and profound aesthetic system.

This series of Chinese clothing draws on the essence of many brilliant clothing in Chinese history. The designer perfectly integrates the simple atmosphere of the Han Dynasty clothing and the color of the Tang Dynasty clothing.Inject a sense of modern design.In terms of color use, it cleverly combines the color characteristics of different historical periods, so that Huaifu has a rich sense of layering and strong impact.In terms of fabric selection, traditional fabrics such as silk and brocade are used to combine modern fabric technology to maintain classic and noble sense, but also have a modern and comfortable dressing experience.

In terms of details, the “National Wind and New Rhyme” series is even more improving, incorporating the elements of clothing in different historical periods, and through the use of modern design methods, the Chinese clothing will be more exquisite and beautiful.One of the representative works inspired by the Tang and Song Han collections of the Beijing Palace Museum and the inheritance and innovation of Chinese culture. Through unique tailoring and fabric choices, it shows a different charm.

At this event, once Yunzhao Han Tang’s “Guofeng New Rhyme” Chinese clothes appeared, the audience was stunning! Bobigny Mayor, Chairman of the French Chinese Women’s Federation, and other guests witnessed this shocking moment.It was impressed by the profoundness of Chinese culture and praised.The beauty of Chinese clothing is not only the gorgeous external gorgeous, but also reflects the long history and deep cultural heritage of the Chinese nation.This gorgeous display is like a window that allows the world to better understand and appreciate Chinese culture.

The wonderful appearance of Yunzhao Han and Tang dynasties’s “National Fengxin Rhyme” series of Chinese clothes in the Cannes Fashion Ceremony in France not only shows the charm of traditional Chinese culture, but also adds bright colors to the exchange of Chinese and foreign cultural exchanges.

In the field of international cultural exchanges, Yunzhao Han and Tang Dynasties take the culture of Chinese as the soul, and adhere to the concept of “thickness, thickness, and great feelings”, based on the high point of traditional culture and standing on the trend of international cultural exchanges.It is aware that only if you have an extraordinary vision and a grand pattern, can you be steady and far away.Emphasize the deep accumulation of traditional Chinese culture and penetrate the essence of historical and cultural.Professional teams have created cultural works with profound knowledge and show the unique charm of Chinese culture.In addition, the “great feelings” reflect the pride of the traditional costumes of the Chinese nation, as well as the recognition and love of national culture; convey the excellent spirit of the Chinese nation contained in the etiquette, humility, and harmony contained in Hanfu;, Make it adapt to the development of the times, combine tradition with modern aesthetics, and create cultural boutiques with the characteristics of the times.With the “thickness, thickness, great feelings, and great feelings”, we will continue to promote cultural prosperity and development, so that the world will understand and fall in love with Chinese culture.

At this cultural feast that crosses national borders and integrates ancient and modern, the “National Wind and New Charm” shows the world the bright treasures of Chinese culture, and promotes the exchanges and cooperation between China and France in fashion and cultural industries.

This is also a deep exploration of new opportunities for the development of the fashion industry.Yunzhao Han and Tang dynasties attracted widespread attention with unique strategic concepts.Whether it is the organizational of the International Cultural Forum or the planning and implementation of literary performances, it shows professional level and organizational ability, injecting soul and vitality into the event.

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