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Detective "men’s hanging neck exercise to death" community: residents call him love to exercise, denying that he is to cure cervical spondylosis

On the morning of May 15th, the 57 -year -old man Yang Xu (pseudonym) had an accident during the rope “hanging neck” exercise, and unfortunately died unfortunately.

On the 17th, Jimu Journalists came to the community. No one used the upper limb tractioner involved, and the rope on the equipment was taken away.Some residents restored the scene at the time of the accident: “The people passing by found that the situation was wrong. At that time, no one dared to touch him and reported to the police quickly.” In the impression of the neighbors, Yang Xu loved fitness.Going out and running, in winter, they also exercised barely, and they were very sorry for the accident.

Residents said that he had never heard that Yang Xu had cervical spondylosis, and his “hanging neck” exercise should have nothing to do with cervical spondylosis.However, there are still many people on the Internet who are sharing this special exercise video, claiming to cure the disease.In this regard, some doctors said, “The action of hanging neck is quite dangerous, and it can not play a role in exercise.”

Unexpected scene (source: network)

“I found something wrong, but no one dares to touch him.”

On May 15th, some netizens posted a video saying that a man in Fuhua New Town, Wuhua New City, Chongqing City died an accident during exercise.The video photographer said, “His neck hangs on the rope, only in his fifties.”

Relevant person in charge of the local authoritative department told reporters that at 8 am on May 15th, when Yang Xu, a 57 -year -old resident of Fuhua New City Community, Chengxi Town, was exercised accidentally by the rope, he died accidentally by the rope. “Originally,” originallyIt should be hung on the rope to exercise, but he tied the rope around his neck. “

On May 17, the reporter came to the Fuhua New Town Community.This is an old community. Most of the public places are old people walking or rest.There is a row of fitness equipment on the open space in the community, including the equipment used when Yang Xu accidentally occurs. The professional scientific name is the upper limb tractioner.Two days after the accident, no one of the residents touched them again.

The residents introduced that the handle of the upper limb traction was originally tied to a rope, and the ropes had been cleaned up after Yang Xu had an accident.Public information shows that the normal use of the upper limb traction is that the handle below the rope with both hands is pulled back and forth to exercise the arms and shoulders.

Dad Liu (Hua surname), who met Yang Xu, told reporters that Yang Xu usually takes care of his father in his 90s. He loves to exercise, and many residents know him.On the morning of the 15th, Dad Liu also encountered Yang Xu out of running, but did not expect that he heard that Yang Xu had happened at noon.”He likes to exercise. Everyone knows him. The person passing by that day found that the situation was wrong. At that time, no one dared to touch him, and quickly reported to the police. Finally, the police ended the rope around his neck.”” Dad Liu told the reporter to the reporter.

On the ground where the fitness equipment is located, the family members of the deceased’s family members set off firecrackers were left, and there were also stoves, canopy and round tables. The family members were handling the aftermath for Yang Xu.

Many residents residents regretted Yang Xu’s accident.In everyone’s impression, although Yang Xu was injured on his feet, he loved sports and fitness, and he also participated in the competition. “I often see him running in the community in the morning, and the same is true in winter.” When the residents chatted, they thought that they loved exercise.It is a good thing, but the action should not be too dangerous.

In the red circle, an unexpected upper limb traction (a reporter Deng Bo)

Residents deny that he exercise is to cure cervical spondylosis

With the help of residents in the community, the reporter found Yang Xu’s social media account. He often shared his exercise on this platform, and there were thousands of fans.On this account, Yang Xu introduced herself and said that they loved running and yoga.He shared thousands of videos and other videos such as exercise fitness and participating in marathon competitions. He would exercise even on rainy days. There are also difficult movements such as head inverted heads and push -ups on the railing. Many of them are in Fuhua New Town CommunityInternal shooting.Although 57 years old, Yang Xu’s muscle lines in the video are obvious, and it seems that exercise is quite effective.

On January 29 this year, Yang Xu released a video of his “hanging neck” exercise. The text said, “It seems that I only play three times, dangerous movements, and imitate it with caution.”In the video, he tied the rope around his neck, and the upper end of the rope was connected to the upper limb tractor, and then his feet left the ground for a few seconds.

This account also set a video of Yang Xu’s “hanging neck” exercise last October last year. Some netizens reminded netizens to pay attention to safety.Yang Xu replied: This time, two hemp ropes are more dangerous. Don’t imitate without foundation.The reporter found that the fitness equipment scene in the video was consistent with the occurrence of accidents.

Yang Xu updated the last two videos at 9 am on May 14.In the first video, the running software showed that he ran 14.23 kilometers in 1 hour, 54 minutes and 12 seconds.In the second video, he trained his fancy push -ups, and the text was “the second training, encouraged me”.One day later, he happened.

Yang Xu exercise in the community (screenshot of the video)

Some netizens speculated that Yang Xu may have done high -risk actions of “hanging neck” exercise many times to treat cervical spondylosis.However, a number of residents of Fuhua New Town Community denied the conjecture to reporters. “He has been injured before, and he has a problem, but he can run in the community in the community. He has never heard that he has cervical spondylosis.”

The only physiotherapy store owner with positive bone and the treatment of cervical spondylosis in the community also said that Yang Xu did not go to his shop to treat cervical spine.”Cervical spondylosis cannot be hanged. Even if you need to use traction action, you need to wear professional equipment.” The boss said.

Regarding Yang Xu’s unexpected death, the community property staff responded to Jimu Journalists that the family members and the leaders of the property company negotiated and did not know the specific situation.The relevant person in charge of the community of the incident said that the follow -up of the incident was coordinated by the town government, and the judicial office and police station also participated.

Expert: “Hanging neck” is very dangerous and has no exercise effect

The reporter retracted multiple social platforms and found that many users were sharing videos of the rope “hanging neck” exercise. Some elderly people hung their feet with ropes, and their feet were swaying sharply from the ground.Many netizens said that this action can treat cervical spondylosis.But is it really like this?

“(Hanging neck) This action is quite dangerous, and the role of exercise cannot be played.” Liu Weijun, director of the spine surgery center of Wuhan Fourth Hospital, told Jimu Journalists that there are two types of mainstream cervical spondylosis. One is spinal cervical spondylosis, mainlySymptoms are numbness and unstable walking hands. This type of cervical spondylosis must not be trapped in similar videos, otherwise it can easily lead to paralysis of limbs.By traction, you can get a certain degree of relief, but the temptation weight must be within the scope of safety. “The traction power is generally enough to one -tenth of the body weight. It cannot exceed one -sixth.

“Hanging neck” exercise on the Internet (screenshot of video)

Why is the action of “hanging neck” so dangerous?Liu Weijun explained that the use of rope hanging neck traction may cause damage to the tracheal cartilage and lead to suffering; more importantly, the excessive traction force will lead to the dislocation of the cervical fracture in the second section and cause compression of the cervical marrow.”The upper neck marrow is breathing in the body. There is a breathing center on it. Once the fracture dislocation causes the spinal cord, it will cause death.

Liu Weijun reminded that patients with spinal cervical spondylosis must not be trapped; patients with nerve root cervical spondylosis can perform traction movements under the guidance of a doctor, but control the weight.

Mr. Zhang, who runs a fitness studio in Yubei District, Chongqing, believes that the core problem of this tragedy is incorrect fitness methods. Many middle -aged and elderly people do not understand scientific fitness.The movement follows the trend, and these actions can be cured, and ultimately cause bitter fruit.

Mr. Zhang said that for these outdoor fitness equipment, the property or community can establish the correctly used image logo to avoid accidents.You can organize some lectures or activities about scientific fitness of middle -aged and elderly people to promote safety fitness. “

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